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Take the Quiz!

Can you drive a stick-shift? Would you ever date or marry someone who couldn't? Vote here.

Saying No to Big Oil: Four Bright Ideas Compete for $125,000

Convoying trucks, wirelessly charging electric cars and clean fuel for boats--which one will win the Safe Energy Security Prize? Car Talk wants your vote, too.

The Ugliest Snout?

An advance look at the Lexus LF-C2 from the Los Angeles Auto Show leaves us with one question... Help us answer it, right here. 

And the Winner is . . .

We asked you to vote for the scariest car of all time. The winner, right here. 

Vote Now for the Scariest Car!

Vote now for the scariest car ever. Our winner will be announced on Halloween! 

Chick Cars and Guys Cars: Nominations Are Open!

Is there such a thing as "chick cars" and "guy cars"? Tommy wants to know, and we need your help to settle this once and for all. 

The Zipper Merge: Vote Now

The Zipper Merge (aka late merging) is one of the most controversial maneuvers in traffic. We're going to settle this issue once and for all, the Car Talk way, with a highly unscientific poll. Cast your vote now!

Which State Has the Worst Potholes?

It's pothole season. Think you've got it bad? We heard from fans all over the country who claim there state has the worst potholes. Vote here to settle this question once and for all. 

Vote Now for the Best Road Sign Ever

"Caution: No Warning Signs" vs. "Private Sign: Do Not Read"... A collection of the worst (best?) roadsigns of all times, plus a chance to vote for your favorite, right here. 

Trash or Treasure? The Action Figure Saab

The Car Talk Art Gallery is open! (Sorry, bring your own wine and cheese.) You tell us: Is it ugly-- or is it art? 


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