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Of Kennels and Crates: Safe Car Travel With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog? There are plenty of options to keep your dog safe. How does it work? Car Talk's guest experts weigh in. 

Belt Your Beast!

What happens when a dog or cat isn't belted when along for a ride? Veterinarian Dr. Sip and trainer Melissa share stories--and show why it's so important that pets be secured. 

Don't Drive Like My...Dog?

And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Check out this amazing video of dogs driving.

Is There Any Hope for Joan's Stinky Prius?

Joan's brother's dog befouled the backseat of her Prius and three years later, it still stinks! Can Tom and Ray help Joan out or is she doomed to spend the rest of her days driving a rolling olfactory nightmare?

Today: My Mechanic Has Fleas!

Karen just got her car back from the shop and now it's full of fleas! Turns out Tom and Ray are suspiciously knowledgable about flea infestations. Find out what they suggest for Karen right here.

No Cars Named for Dogs!

Car models named for dogs. What are your suggestions?

Today: Why a Dog Shouldn't Be Your Co-Pilot

Who's training who? Yvonne's son's 60-pound golden retreiver loves to ride in the front passenger seat, but Tom and Ray think this is a bad idea. Find out why right here.

Bribing the Guard Puppy?

If you've ever visted Car Talk Plaza, you may have noticed that to gain entrance, you must first pay tribute to our ferocious guard puppy, Daisy.

Does Vera's dog have a nasty, little freon problem?

My dog is addicted to getting his lips on the air ducts on the dash of my car. He licks the vents feverishly, and he drools as a result. I told a friend that I think my dog is a...

What's the safest way for Laura's guide dog to ride in the car?

I travel with a guide dog. When we're in our own car (driven by my husband, not by me or the dog), I have a harness that the seat belt slips through and we buckle the dog in the back...


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