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A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?

Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

Advice For Bringing Fido on Vacation

Is your dog a model hotel guest? Or would he be better off skipping this year's road trip? Advice from Car Talk's pet experts. 

Best Car for a Professional Dog Walker?

What's the best new car for a professional dog walker? Car Talk's pet experts have the scoop. 

Fido Take the Wheel!

Dear Car Talk Pet Experts: Let's say I wanted to teach my dog to drive. How would I do that? 

A Confederacy of Fishes

What's the best way to move a 50 gallon-aquarium across the country? Surprise: It may not actually be a car.

Holiday Travel with Pets

Traveling with pets for the holidays? Find out what kind of mischief they can get up to in the car.

Traveling With Pets? Make Your Life Easier

Products that can make traveling with your pet a bit easier. From Car Talk's pet experts.

Today: No Flying Dogs

Are all pet restraints equally effective? The scoop from Car Talk's pet experts, crash test videos, and more, right here.

Pet First Aid: What Should You Have in Your Trunk?

Got a first-aid kit in your car? How about one for your pet?

How to Clean Up After a Carsick Doggie

Did your Great Dane just regurgitate three pounds of kibble in the backseat of your Kia? Never fear. Car Talk pet experts Melissa and Sip explain how to keep smells at bay.


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