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New Puppy Hates Riding in the Car


How to help a dog that hates car rides.

Cow on hood of a car

Keep Those Pets Out of The Engine


Tips for keeping pets safe around cars in cold weather.

Keep dogs away from antifreeze

The Blue Juice: Antifreeze and Dogs


What do I do if a dog swallows antifreeze? Can I teach a dog to leave this alone while someone is tinkering with cars in the driveway?

Car features for dogs.

Dog-Friendly Features Every Car Should Have


Built in safety equipment? G.P.S. programmed to brake for treats? Dog-friendly features every car should have, right here. 

obeying the law while traveling with your dog

Dogs in Cars: Common Sense--and the Law


We all know our canine friends should be kept out of hot cars, but here's the rundown on crates, what to pack, and the whole sticking-heads-out-of-the-window thing.

Dog-friendly hotels

We'll Leave the Bowl Out for You


Planning a road trip with your pet? Car Talk's pet experts recommend dog friendly hotels.

Dog camping in a camper van

A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?


Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

Bringing a dog on vacation.

Advice For Bringing Fido on Vacation


Is your dog a model hotel guest? Or would he be better off skipping this year's road trip? Advice from Car Talk's pet experts. 

Best car for transporting big dogs.

Best Car for a Professional Dog Walker?


What's the best new car for a professional dog walker? Car Talk's pet experts have the scoop. 

Fido Take the Wheel!


Dear Car Talk Pet Experts: Let's say I wanted to teach my dog to drive. How would I do that? 


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