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Husband Vs. Wife: The Grating Parking Brake

Today, Carolyn writes in to ask Tom and Ray to settle a marital dispute. She hates the sound the parking brake makes when it engages. Carolyn's logic is that since you can avoid the the sound by holding in the release button while you engage the brake, this must be better for the car somehow. Her husband doesn't seem to care. Get Tom and Ray's verdict on this important topic, right here.

Should Parking Brake Use Be a Habit?

Kimi and her husband just bought a car with manual transmission for their son. They disagree about when it's necessary to set the parking brake so they've turned to Tom and Ray to settle the question. Tom offers this life advice: Floss your teeth, call your mother once a week and use your parking brake. 

Click and Clack, Marriage Counselors

Cat needs Tom and Ray to settle a dispute that she and her husband are having about the parking brake. She sets the brake when the car is already in park; he applies the brake, then shifts to park. What's the right way to do it? And can this marriage survive? Find out what Tom and Ray think, right here.

An Emergency Brake By Any Other Name . . .

Today: Tom and Ray try to enlighten Todd, an emergency brake over-user, about the error of his ways. Find out why it's not a great idea to use this brake for regular stopping, and why it's really called the "parking brake", right here.

Why do manufacturers still use drum brakes?

All of the cheapest cars these days seem to have drum brakes on the rear instead of disc brakes. But drum brakes have more parts than disc brakes, and are much harder to assemble (I know from experience). You'd think...

What's behind the smoke billowing out from my wheel?

My new Honda Civic did something different today After a -mile drive I parked the car in my garage and noticed smelly smoke coming from the rear passenger-side tire When I felt the tire it was not hot but the...

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