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It's Like LEED Certification--But for Parking Garages

The Green Parking Council has just certified seven innovators, which offer such amenities as EV charging, bicycle parking, ride- and car-sharing, and even farmers' markets. 
Does turning off the car before putting it in park damage it

Today: Should Michelle Cancel the Wedding?


Michelle's fiancé is a perfect guy except for one annoying habit. He doesn't remember to put the car in park before turning off the engine. Michelle worries this damages the car and she wants Tom and Ray to talk some sense into her man. Will Tom and Ray side with Michelle on this? Find out what they say, right here.

Is it better to put the car in park or use the hand brake first

Click and Clack, Marriage Counselors

Cat needs Tom and Ray to settle a dispute that she and her husband are having about the parking brake. She sets the brake when the car is already in park; he applies the brake, then shifts to park. What's the right way to do it? And can this marriage survive? Find out what Tom and Ray think, right here.
Can you stop someone from parking in front of your house

Paging Miss Manners: Parking Etiquette

Duane wants Tom and Ray's advice for how to stop his neighbor from parking in front of his house on the "technically" public street. Tom and Ray offer some tips for successful neighborly negotiations. Who's the jerk in this situation? Read Tom and Ray's advice and tell us what you think.

The True Cost of Being a Jerk

Listener Don just figured out that being a jerk cost him $751. How did he arrive at this calculation? Read his sad tale about the real costs of illegal parking and find out!
is there a proper series of steps to park on a hill

Bad News for Lynnay: Her Mother Is Right


Lynnay's mother is adamant that there is a right way to park, and equally adamant that Lynnay is doing it wrong. Tom and Ray explain how the transmission and the parking brake work together and weigh in on whether Lynnay is really destroying her transmission like mommy dearest says.

"Easy" Parking for Women?

New "easy" parking spaces for female drivers in Germany inspire more practical solutions from the women at Car Talk.

Kaboom, I Say!

What’s worse than trying to find a parking spot in London? Well...
Is turning the wheels when the car is stopped bad

Who Knows Best - Dad or the Driving Instructor?


Jeff's daughter is learning to drive and the driving instructor's parallel parking method will cause damage to his car. Is he right to be worried, or should he let it go?

Can parking on dirt damage a car

Today: does parking on dirt damage a car?


At the age of 48 I am buying my first brand-new vehicle. I really would like it to last for a good long while. I've heard that parking on the ground is not good for a vehicle. I have a dirt...


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