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How to Paint a Car With a Bucket of Rust-Oleum and a Roller

A couple of years ago, a reader named Karen wrote in to Car Talk's newspaper column, asking if there was a solution to peeling paint on her Toyota. They responded, "Have you ever heard of Rust-Oleum, Karen?" It may have been a joke, but I took it seriously. I had heard of Rustoleum, and I was bound and determined to paint my car with it.

The Nissan Juke: Horoscope Edition

In which one of our guest bloggers has a little too much fun with the Nissan Color Studio. 

No Cheap Fix for Delaminating Paint

Karen's 2000 Toyota Corolla is running still fine, but the paint is peeling off. Tom and Ray explain why this happens to certain model years and lay out a range of options, each one lower-cost and more aesthetically questionable than the last. Find out what they suggest, right here. 

Stripper Name or Car Paint?

Which car gets your vote for Ugliest Paint Color of All Time? We've got a few ideas of our own...

Could there actually be a good reason for putting clay on your car?

So I'm thinking of getting my car detailed, and an associate gives me a referral. While perusing the service sheet, under "Options" is listed "Claying, add $30-$40." I'm thinking, "Holy spa treatment, Batman!" The other side of the service sheet...

Today: A washing job that did a number on Ian's car.

My dear, beloved 15-year-old son offered to wash my 2008 Toyota Sequoia (silver). Of course, I jumped at this surprising and welcome offer. After about 30 minutes, I went to check on his progress, and the little darling was using a scourer...

Is there a reason why Sally should splurge on the high end interior/exterior coating for her new Honda? Find out.

I purchased a Honda Odyssey today, and the dealer tried to sell me a 1,200-dollar protective interior/exterior coating. I said no, but he said he would honor the offer till Monday. Should I buy this, or is it just...

Can writing in the dirt on a car actually scratch the paint-- or should Linda just chill out?

Does writing in the dirt/dust on a car scratch the paint? A teacher at my children's school today wrote "Clean Me" as a joke in the dirt on my new Suburban as I was parked in the school pickup...

Should Mike save a few bucks and go for a hail-damaged car, or will he be buying a dent-plagued nightmare? Find out.

I'm a college student in a small Podunk town in Minnesota. Recently, we were "blessed" with a hailstorm like none other, and the damage to the cars here can only be described as impressive. I've been postponing buying a car...

How can I cover my car in Astroturf?

Soon I will be receiving as my first car -- drumroll please -- a Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon My parents have given me permission to decorate it in any way as long as it does not destroy the value of...


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