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Proper Maintenance, Not Additives, Is What a Car Needs


Prolonging your engine's life may mean keeping clean oil in it instead of feeding it slick additives.

should i keep my car with blue smoke and a broken odometer

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to a Faithful Truck?


Lee's Toyota had 208,000 miles on it--when the odometer broke ten years ago. Should he keep his daily driver running, or let it go?

Suburus burning oil.

Used Subarus– Buy This One, Not That One


Used Subarus pose a unique challenge for buyers. Here's what you need to know about the excessive oil consumption issue.

should i spend another two grand on a twenty-year-old car

When Is a Newer Car a Better Fit for a New Driver?


Gordon's faithful old Toyota needs some pricey repairs before he hands the keys to his teen granddaughter. Should he go to the shop or car lot?

should i keep a car with sentimental value even if its not practical

Does the Old Gray Mare Have a Few Miles Left?


Barb's Town and Country needs transmission work. Should she spend the money or put it out to pasture?

can a special oil drainage plug keep engine oil from getting discolored

'Magic' Oil Plug Comprised Mostly of Snake Oil


Did a $5 widget sold in the 1950's actually keep oil clean, or did it just clean out wallets?

could my mechanic have predicted the oil leak in my car

Does Oil Leak Mean Engine Death For Sue's Subaru?


Sue just changed the head gasket on her 2002 Subaru Forrester. Now it's leaking oil. What gives? 

Is there an oil substitute for Jaguar XF

Why Does Michael's Jaguar Require Oil From Ford?


Michael's Jaguar XF needs a certain type of motor oil that is made by Ford and is only sold in Europe. Can he safely substitute something else? Car Talk's advice here.

Ford Ranger is rusty and leaks oil

So Hard to Say Goodbye . . .


Phil wants Car Talk to help him preserve the life of his 1990 Ford Ranger, which leaks and burns oil, smells like coolant, and the chassis, shocks and gas lines are almost rusted through. Is Phil delusional?

GMC Envoy XL warning lights flashing

Oil Pressure Mystery: Stephen's GMC Envoy


The oil pressure in Stephen's GMC Envoy is acting up, fine one minute, warning lights the next. Is he damaging the engine if he drives it while it's doing this? Car Talk's take, here.


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