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A Noisy Honda Has Maggie Stumped

A mysterious horn-like sound has Maggie and the mechanics baffled. We sound off on the matter.
Jeep Renegade problems and complaints

This Week's Turd of the Week . . .


Find out what earns Car Talk's top dishonor this week. 

Today: The Tale of the Haunted Minivan

"I guess my question for you guys boils down to this: Should we call a mechanic, or an exorcist?"

Any Hope for a 1991 Honda Civic Wagon?

Lynnette's old Honda Civic has an intermittent hesitation problem that has her mechanic stumped. Can Car Talk help?

What's Going "Thud" in the Trunk?

Everytime Vinnie hits a speedbump in his Nissan Maxima, he hears a thump, like something is loose in the trunk. He's double-checked and can't find the problem. Does Car Talk have a theory?

How Much Would You Pay to Fix "Annoying"?

Ken's car makes a clicking sound when the AC is on the coldest setting. The problem is gate motor but the fix involves taking out the entire dash. What does Car Talk recommend?

The Cheapskate's Guide to Quieter Cars

Winson wonders why more expensive cars are so much quieter. He can't afford a Mercedes he's hoping there's something he can install in his Camry to tone down the road noises. Tom and Ray's advice, right here.

Today: Hurricane Under the Hood?

Devin's Volvo 850 GLT is making a sound like there's a hurricane under the hood. Will Tom and Ray be able to solve this one or should Devin consult a meteorologist? Find out right here.

Today: Hearing Aid vs. Warning Chime

Gary got a new hearing aid, and now he wants to disconnect the warning chime on his beloved Ford F-150. Tom and Ray say the job should be pretty easy . . . for a highly trained bomb squad. Find out why this is so complicated, right here. 

Why Is Moon's Mitsubishi Squeaking?

Moon's Mitsubishi Lancer started squeaking when it rains, and now it squeals and whines all the time. Tom and Ray say she has two choices--either she can get it checked out, or she can just wait for the belt to break and fall off. Then she'll be able to enjoy the silence once again! 


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