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can older built-in gps systems be updated

Built-in GPS can't hold a candle to Google Maps


Even though Phil's Jag is behind in navigation features, he could still win the technology race. 

Manufacturer installed GPS units

Today: Are Some GPS Services Better Than Others?


Susie got a new car and she's noticed that the factory-installed GPS has been sending her the long way or the wrong way to already-familiar destinations. Now she doesn't trust it to get her places. She's tried adjusting the settings, to no avail. What gives? Tom and Ray say there's a big difference in the types of GPS  services. Find out what options they suggest, right here.

why don't stick-on compasses work on my car dashboard

What's causing Paul's stick-on-the-dash compass to go kablooey?


I have a question for either car mechanics or geophysicists -- you decide. I often want to know in what direction I'm driving (plus I like gadgets). So I'll buy these stick-on-the-dash compasses. They seem OK when outside the vehicle...

how can i get a navigation system for my car if the dealer does not offer one

Aftermarket navigation systems.


I just bought a new Toyota Corolla last year and I love it I'm a visiting nurse and have to find the homes of new clients all the time I'd love to have one of those newfangled navigation systems that...

Chrysler to set new directions with compasses!

Why aren't compasses provided in cars by the manufacturers In their quest for high-tech instruments idiot lights bells buzzers digital readouts etc why can't they furnish a simple useful device like a good quality compass The compasses you can buy...

Where can I buy a compass for my car?

Where can I buy a good quality compass to mount on the dash of my Sedan DeVille Charles RAY For craft of this size we recommend you go to your nearest marine supply house TOM If you don't know where...

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