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Solar Cars? Very Cool, but Still a Pipe Dream

Who wouldn't want a zero-emission greenmobile powered by the sun's rays? But the sad fact is that the panels don't generate enough energy. 

An Emergency Brake By Any Other Name . . .

Today: Tom and Ray try to enlighten Todd, an emergency brake over-user, about the error of his ways. Find out why it's not a great idea to use this brake for regular stopping, and why it's really called the "parking brake", right here.

Corroded Fuel Lines and Other Urban Legends

Joshua's driving instructor warned him that leaving a car unstarted for more than two weeks could corrode the fuel lines. Now Joshua's worried about all those new cars parked at dealerships across the country.  Tom and Ray explain why car dealers don't bother to employ a staff person to start up each car in the lot once every few weeks. 

Today: Manual Transmission Myths Debunked

When Nina was learning to drive, her dear old dad advised her to always buy manual transmissions. But now, Nina's tired of all that shifting. Does she have Tom and Ray's blessing to go automatic?

More Air Conditioning Myths

Someone once told David never to turn on the Air Conditioner at highway speeds, and he's been faithfully following this advice for 40 years. Now he worries that he's got it all wrong. Can Tom and Ray explain what's really going on when you fire up the AC? 

Today: Synthetic Oil Myths

Richard is considering switching to synthetic oil but the sales clerk warned him that once he goes synthetic, he'll damage his engine if he tries to go back to regular or even blended oil. Tom and Ray think this is a bunch of baloney. Read their highly plausible explaination right here. 

Thieves can capture your key fob's code. Urban legend-- or not?

I got an e-mail this morning from our company's internal security department about locking your car with the remote key fob. The memo cites the story of a woman in a shopping center who noticed two guys in a car...

Do cars really drive faster in colder air?

Was it just me, or did my Jeep really seem faster this morning in the cold, -15 F air? I've always heard that the colder the air, the better the combustion. Is there any truth to my observation this morning...

Is there any possible good reason for changing the air in your tires?

I once knew a local minister who completely deflated all his tires twice annually, then reinflated them with fresh air. He claimed the procedure prevents bumpiness and makes the car ride smoother. I think he's crazy, but his claim was...

Can gum and varnish actually hold an aging transmission together?

I have a 2002 GMC Envoy that just passed 100,000 miles. I have always been pretty conscientious about scheduled and preventative maintenance. The owner's manual recommends changing the transmission and filter at 100,000 miles. I have read and heard advice that if the...


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