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Today: Best Car to Protect Against Solar Flares?

A reader is concerned that the next big solar flare will knock out the computerized parts in his car. Naturally, he's thinking about buying an older car to keep around just in case.  Can Tom and Ray help him? And what fashion tips will they offer for constructing his tinfoil hat? Read all about it, right here. 

Today: Lightning vs. Town Car

Shannon suspects that her uncle's car was struck by lightning because after a recent thunderstorm, the headlights refused to turn off. Tom and Ray explain what she can look for to confirm her diagnosis, and what kind of repairs her uncle can expect. 

Winter Driving with the Pros: Mt. Washington

What's winter driving like in the "Home of the World's Worst Weather"? Car Talk talks with Mike Pelchat, Park Manager at New Hampshire's Mount Washington State Park.

Escape from New York: Notes on Disaster Preparedness

Jamie Kitman's debrief on surviving Superstorm Sandy and a consideration of vehicles for the post-apocalypse, this way.

How Not to Buy a Storm-Damaged Used Car

Vehicles that have been through Hurricane Sandy may look fine, but they're ticking time bombs, waiting to bury you in bills.

My Buick: A Post-Sandy Parable

I did the right thing by my father-in-law's Regal. Now I don't get the insurance payout, but I can sleep at night.

Hailstorm Dents: Is This Repair Necessary?

A hailstorm dented Dan's family cars. The repairs are covered by his insurance company, but Dan wants Tom and Ray's blessing to keep the dents and use the money for something else. Can dents be dangerous, or is this repair optional? 

Today: Tom and Ray share tips for preventing hydroplaning.

Ted recently bought a 2005 VW Beetle but is worried its tendency to hydroplane in the rain. He wants to install an aftermarket stability control but Tom and Ray think there are better (and easier) ways to prevent hydroplaning.

Hurricane aftermath: Can you recommend vehicles that drive well in water?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I'm rethinking my requirements for a new car. I live in the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia. Several times a year, when the tide rises exceptionally high, I can't get home (or...

Hurricane aftermath: How to tell if a car's been flooded and what to do with it.

TOM: Since the two big hurricanes, we've had a flood (ha ha) of questions about flooded cars. So we thought we'd try to answer all of the most common questions at once: Q: How do you know if a car you're buying has flood...

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