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Bye-Bye Blind Spots: Japan Green Lights Cameras Replacing Outside Mirrors

It won't be long before the outside rearview mirror--primitive tech that's noisy, heavy and an aerodynamic nightmare--is history around the world. 
Birds attracted to car mirrors.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Volvo


Why do birds love your car's side mirrors? Our urban wildlife biologist explains.

Tesla Petitions the Feds for Mirror-less Cars

The other shoe dropped, and Tesla has formally petitioned to be allowed to dump rear-view mirrors. (And Car Talk is vindicated!)

What a Drag: Time to Get Rid of Outside Mirrors

A Car Talk crusade: It's time for side mirrors to go! Ray Magliozzi and Jim Motavalli make their case against ugly, drag producing side mirrors. Agree? Disagree? Join the debate, right here.
how should i correctly position the rearview mirror

Tips for accurately adjusting your side and rear view mirrors.


About six months ago you talked about adjusting the outside rearview mirrors by placing the driver's head against the driver's window then leaning toward the center of the car to adjust the passenger-side mirror I tried this and indeed it...

It's possible to add an extra side-view mirror, but you might try our mirror adjustment method first.

I have a stupid little question My Honda Odyssey has a bad blind spot created by the B-pillar I think that's what it's called -- the pillar behind the driver It's caused me to have several near misses when trying...

We'll tell you how to fix the mirror that Fido knocks out of place, but consider restraining him...for everyone's safety.

I need your help Here's the dilemma I have a big black lab that rides around in my front seat all the time When she sees something offensive -- say a cyclist or God forbid a truck -- she is...

What about blind spots on the LEFT side of the car?

I read your recent column about blind spots on the right side of your car But what about the blind spot on the left side Why not use a wide angle mirror there too Is there any thing I can...

The most dangerous part of the car...

I've heard the saying that the most dangerous part of the car is the loose nut behind the wheel but I would vote for the right side view mirror Why is it designed so that the approaching car appears to...

Car Philosophy 101

I have a couple of questions that have bothered me for a long time First why does the side view mirror on the passenger side of the car make things look so far away Second why do your emergency flashers...

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