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Today: A Good Time for a Second Opinion

Donna's Toyota Sienna has been diagnosed with a $4800 repair. How can this be necessary at such low miles and given that Donna drives "like an old lady?" Tom and Ray think the estimate sounds high. Find out what Donna should do, right here.

Today: Will Leaking Axle Clamps Cause Problems?

Karen's oil change guys say the axle clamps are leaking on her Subaru Outback. The dealership says it's not a big deal. Who should Karen believe? Tom and Ray say her dealership sounds lazy...but that doesn't mean that they're wrong! Read their advice to Karen, right here. 

Today: Is Bill's Dealer Charging Too Much?

Bill's Subaru needs a new timing belt, and the dealer is asking twice what his local mechanic wants for the job. Tom and Ray say there may be more to this story than meets the eye. 

Today: Shade-Tree Mechanics Club?

John wants to start a DIY garage. Can Tom and Ray talk him out of it? Plus, the guys reveal details from their own experiences owning a DIY garage in years gone by. 

Today: How Ethical is Shopping Around?

Khai likes to do his own repairs but he's not confident about his diagnoses. Is it fair for him to ask a shop to make a diagnose but then use that information to do his own work? Tom and Ray weigh in on this mechanical, ethical dilemma.

Thank a Mechanic Day

Here's how we celebrated our country's greatest new holiday, Thank a Mechanic Day! 

Car Talk Presents... Thank a Mechanic Day!

We’re proclaiming Thursday, November 15th as “Thank a Mechanic Day.” Find out how you can get involved!

Can a new mechanic cure Dave's paranoia?

I just paid more than for a major -mile service on my Mitsubishi Eclipse -cylinder which included among other things replacing the timing belt and water pump I assume I actually got all of the work listed on the service...

What is Bonehead Insurance? aka Mechanic Malpractice Insurance?

I recently had the timing belt replaced in my son's car (a '97 VW Passat) by a local mechanic in southwest Michigan. The next day, my son left to drive back to New York City, where he is a student...

Does a car with 30k miles really need a 500-dollar premium service?

I have a mechanics' ethics question for you. I drive a 2009 Nissan Rogue. I love this car. I was getting ready for a road trip, and I realized that there were three minor recalls on the car and that it...


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