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Most people don't trust their mechanic

Two-Thirds of Americans Don't Trust Auto Repair Shops


AAA reports that Americans don't trust mechanics, thinking they're being overcharged or being sold unnecessary parts. Frankly, they'd rather go to the dentist than to their local garage. 

how can I get a refund for work that was never performed

Did Dealer Lie about Replaced Hydraulic Lifters?


Don got a bill for $3751 and he's not sure the work was done. If the lifters weren't fitted, how can he ensure his claim isn't aquitted?

now that my warranty has expired should i stick with the dealership for maintenance

Dealership or Indy Mechanic for the New-ish Car?


Should you stick with your dealership or look for an independent mechanic? Pablo wants to know his options for his Avalon.

could my mechanic have predicted the oil leak in my car

Does Oil Leak Mean Engine Death For Sue's Subaru?


Sue just changed the head gasket on her 2002 Subaru Forrester. Now it's leaking oil. What gives? 

Can repairing a tire damamge the tire sensor

Today: Did Phil's Mechanic Break the Tire Sensor?


Phil's mechanic noticed that his tire sensor was cracked, but Phil decided not to repair it since it was still working fine. Two days later it was broken. Is his mechanic responsible, or is it true that "the stingy man pays the most?"

Americans Defer Car Repairs Big Time (Especially if They Don't Trust Their Mechanics)

Thirty five percent of us put off auto maintenance until tomorrow, even though it ends up costing more in the end. It helps if you trust your local dealer or garage.
Should a mechanic call before doing expensive repairs

To Dump or Not to Dump: The Mechanic Who Didn't Call


Would you stick with a mechanic who performed a $1000+ service without your permission? What if he's done great work for you in the past, even for free? That's Jeff's question to Car Talk today. Our advice, right here.

Toyota Sienna repair estimate is high

Today: A Good Time for a Second Opinion

Donna's Toyota Sienna has been diagnosed with a $4800 repair. How can this be necessary at such low miles and given that Donna drives "like an old lady?" Tom and Ray think the estimate sounds high. Find out what Donna should do, right here.
Subaru Outback axle clamps are leaking

Today: Will Leaking Axle Clamps Cause Problems?


Karen's oil change guys say the axle clamps are leaking on her Subaru Outback. The dealership says it's not a big deal. Who should Karen believe? Tom and Ray say her dealership sounds lazy...but that doesn't mean that they're wrong! Read their advice to Karen, right here. 

is it worth paying three times as much for genuine subaru parts

Today: Is Bill's Dealer Charging Too Much?


Bill's Subaru needs a new timing belt, and the dealer is asking twice what his local mechanic wants for the job. Tom and Ray say there may be more to this story than meets the eye. 


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