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Now You See It, Now You Don't

Is this little topiary endeavor just a case of a Prius driver taking his interest in being green just a bit too far?

National Doughnut Day: Name That Doughnut

Is it a Tractor Wheel? Is it a Cruller? Terry from WV wants to get to the bottom of an important question about doughnuts and we need your help. 

The True Cost of Being a Jerk

Listener Don just figured out that being a jerk cost him $751. How did he arrive at this calculation? Read his sad tale about the real costs of illegal parking and find out!

Not All Mechanics Have Boats

Not all mechanics have boats. Some, it seems, have jets.

By the Numbers: How Your Hour Is Wasted

How does your perfectly good, wasted hour listening to Car Talk break down? One listener has it all figured out. 

Car Talk Plaza: Japan Edition

Check out this letter we got from our biggest fan in Japan, who has the best excuse ever: "The tsunami stole my sticker!"

Possibly His Greatest Achievement: How Steve Jobs Made Car Talk More Bearable

Find out how Steve Jobs succeeded in an area that has stumped NPR execs for years -- how to make Car Talk more bearable. 

Steamy Summer Fun: Cooking on Your Car (Seriously)!

Eggs à la windshield, anyone? 

We've changed the American conversation!

One of Tom and Ray's more elegant phrases has entered the lexicon of automotive shop technicians.

Recently Found In Box 3500

A coconut. No kidding. That and other actual fan mail we've recently received, this way.


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