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Cold Temperatures Freeze out a Hyundai Owner


When the temperatures plunge, David can't unlock his Hyundai using the remote. Moisture and shrinking wires could be the culprit.

Toyota Corolla trunk won't open

Today: The Broken Trunk Latch

Eric's brother can't get the trunk on his 2007 Toyota Corolla to open. They've tried opening it from the inside, but to no avail. Tom and Ray say they might have been missing two key elements for successful car repair. Find out what those are, and what Eric should do next, right here.
How to replace the key remote battery for a Jetta

Today: How to Replace Battery in Key Remote


The battery is dead in DeWayne's key remote and he wants to replace it himself. Can he do this without messing up the programming? Tom and Ray say while some people have to go to the dealer for this type of thing,(for example, Ray, after he took his key remote for a nice swim in the Atlantic last summer), DeWayne can definitely do this himself. Step-by-step instructions, right here. 

Saab driver side door won't unlock

Today: The Saab that Locked Itself


John's dad is locked out of his Saab thanks to a faulty part. With Saab in bankruptcy, will he ever be able to get back in?

Are locked car doos safer

Today: How do locked doors help during a crash?


I observed in a recent VW commercial that the car has a feature that automatically unlocks the doors at the time of a collision I was always taught that locked doors make the car structurally stronger Why would a manufacturer...

How did someone steal Carolina's car, without the slightest damage? Find out how it was done.

My 1994 Honda Civic was recently recovered after it had been stolen about a month ago. My family and I are pretty perplexed as to how it got stolen. No windows were broken, the car was locked and the ignition switch...
tricks for getting slivers of wood out of a car door lock

Any suggestions for a DIY locksmith?


I was trying to get into my dad's car, which was locked, and I didn't have the key. My younger brother told me to pick the lock. So I put a piece of wood in the lock, and it broke...

Should I lock the doors while I'm driving?

Perhaps you two can settle an argument I've been having with my mother for years Is it absolutely necessary to lock my car doors while I'm driving She grew up in the s and ' s and she says that...

Is it paranoid to keep doors locked while driving?

I'm hoping you can settle a disagreement My fiancee thinks I am being excessively paranoid for wanting the car doors locked while driving I say that with car-jackings and random stop light robberies occuring in all major cities locking the...

Are automatic power locks a federally mandated safety feature?

The company I work for recently issued me a Cutlass as a company car Now I don't want to complain The last company I worked for considered door handles an option This is a decent car but I have one...


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