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was permanent damage done to my car when my mechanic left a clamp on it

Did leaving a clamp off my radiator hose do any lasting damage?


About two months ago the Toyota dealer left a clamp off my radiator hose after servicing my car After almost making it home about miles the car began to steam This was my first hint that the car was overheating...

Every time I press the windshield wiper button my car stalls!

It started last fall as I was driving my wife's ' Taurus When I depressed the windshield washer button the car immediately stalled I had to get the car towed to a Ford dealer who analyzed the problem and told...

Can radiators "rot"?

I have a question about radiators I own a Honda Accord EX with -plus miles on it During the -mile inspection the technician found a small spot on the radiator that was beginning to rot He recommended the radiator be...

If I see coolant dripping from my engine compartment is my heater core busted?

I seem to have a problem with my ' Ford Tempo I have a leak in the cooling system and I'm stumped After driving the car I often hear the sizzle of coolant hitting the exhaust I can sometimes see...

Why does my AC change to heat when I step on the gas pedal?

We have a Oldsmobile Delta with miles on it With all of the ventilation controls off the heat will suddenly come on With the air conditioner on it suddenly changes to heat when I step on the gas hard and...

Even a Jeep couldn't have so many things fail at once. What's the culprit?

I have a Jeep Cherokee with a four-cylinder liter Jeep engine Over the past year my four wheel drive has started to engage only part way the cruise control won't hold its speed it drops slowly and the dash vents...

Check your cap and hoses before replacing your radiator.

I have an ' Dodge Omni I can fill the radiator itself to the top while the overflow bottle remains at MIN After I drive and let the car cool off the overflow bottle is at MAX and the radiator...

Hydraulic pump failure or a collapsed hose?

I have a foot motor home mounted on a Chevy G- chassis with a V- Both power steering and power brake systems are hydraulic activated from the belt-driven power steering pump Lose the pump you lose them both Recently after...

New hoses recommended after a "free" tune-up: scam or necessity?

I'm an old senior citizen driving an old Cadillac with miles on it all down hill It has the original coolant and original hoses Should I change the coolant and hoses when the old boat is running like a top...

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