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Why We Drive 55: The Strange but True Story of America's Interstates


"We Like Ike" because he pushed through the idea of a coast-to-coast ribbon of highway across the length and breadth of the U.S. of A.

Before Tobacco, There Was Leaded Gas


Today marks yet another anniversary of the monumentally unfortunate first time gasoline with lead in it was offered for sale to consumers.

Geronimo's Cadillac

Geronimo's Cadillac and Other Automotive Tales of the Old West


Legends like Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and indeed Geronimo survived into the horseless carriage era, and readily turned in their faithful steeds for something more dependable.

Five auto innovations

Five Car Milestones: Does Innovation Pay Off?


For the most part, going first with new auto inventions failed to pay off. The cautious companies gave the people what they were used to, and made the money. 

Features that didn't used to be standard in cars

Hardly Worth Mentioning: Features We Take for Granted


Once upon a time, a radio and heater were exciting car options. In today's highly equipped auto market, we don't get excited about air conditioning, automatics, power windows and doors or cruise control.

car trends of the past

Please, No: Failed Automotive Trends


Automatic seatbelts and semi-automatic transmissions, plus the supposed demise of the convertible and the incredible disappearing CD player.

Elvis BMW roadster

Elvis' BMW: Lost and Now Spectacularly Found Again


While he was famously in the Army, stationed in Germany, Elvis commuted to work in a BMW 507 roadster--a car that was lost for decades. Now it's back on the road, and headed for Pebble Beach.

Five Firsts: From the Pioneer SUV to the Baby Seat

To settle that argument with your brother-in-law, here are origin stories on the drive-in movie, the tow truck, the kiddie seat, the wraparound windshield and even the very first SUV.

The Lane Motor Museum: Weird, Wonderful

Instead of the usual Chevys and Mustangs, the Lane specializes in unusual cars with stories to tell--like the McQuay-Norris Streamliner, the Peel Trident, the VW Rocket Car and the Hoffman, an off-center car from Bizarro World.

Vintage Racing Is Not for the Faint of Heart (or Wallet)

Old race cars are holes into which you pour money, and forget the prize money, but nothing else outside the bedroom offers comparable thrills and chills.


Rocket Fuel