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Should Phil Flush His Focus?

Phil's mechanic says his heater core is clogged but flushing the system could cause major damage. Tom and Ray disagree. Find out why, right here.

Why Is Jim's Car Running Cold?

Jim's Ford Focus runs cold downhill and normally when driving uphill. And when the engine runs cold, so does the passenger compartment. Can Tom and Ray help keep Jim from freezing his tuchus off? Find out what's going on, right here.

The Heat Is On in Greg's Dakota Sport

Ever since Greg had the heater core replaced in his Dakota Sport he's felt uncomfortably warm. How can he convince his mechanic to admit he screwed up?

What could be causing this Mercury Sable's heater to fail?

I've got a peculiar problem My Mercury Sable's heater has been putting out less and less hot air for the past few years This year there was no heat I flushed the cooling system still nothing Then I flushed the...

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