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Chrysler Town and Country heat is always on

Today: What's Causing Heat Problem in Jerry's Town and Country?


The heat is always on in Jerry's Chrysler Town and Country but his mechanic says nothing is broken. What's Car Talk's advice?

can an extra heater vent be added to my car if the regular vent is clogged

Should Phil Flush His Focus?


Phil's mechanic says his heater core is clogged but flushing the system could cause major damage. Tom and Ray disagree. Find out why, right here.

Ford Focus cabin feels cold downhill in winter

Why Is Jim's Car Running Cold?


Jim's Ford Focus runs cold downhill and normally when driving uphill. And when the engine runs cold, so does the passenger compartment. Can Tom and Ray help keep Jim from freezing his tuchus off? Find out what's going on, right here.

Dakota Sport heat always on

The Heat Is On in Greg's Dakota Sport


Ever since Greg had the heater core replaced in his Dakota Sport he's felt uncomfortably warm. How can he convince his mechanic to admit he screwed up?

why is the heater in my car so weak sauce

What could be causing this Mercury Sable's heater to fail?


I've got a peculiar problem My Mercury Sable's heater has been putting out less and less hot air for the past few years This year there was no heat I flushed the cooling system still nothing Then I flushed the...

should i run the engine continuously or stop and start it if i am stuck in a blizzard

Myth alert: starting a car consumes more gasoline than letting it run continuously.


Living in Colorado I wonder about being stuck in the snow in a blizzard Let's say I have a full tank of gas and keep the tailpipe clear Is it better to start the car every few minutes to run...

Is it better to wait for the engine to warm up before turning on the heat?

It gets a bit cold in the winter in Fairbanks Alaska and I have had an ongoing dispute with several wives and girlfriends about an important issue When a car has sat outside all night and one starts it in...

Turn the heat ON if a car is overheating...what?!?

I'm years old and live in Texas I recently finished driver's education and I could have sworn I heard my driver's ed teacher say that when your car overheats you should turn on the heater My parents disagree Am I...

Should I warm up the car with the heat and fan on or off?

I live in Portland Maine cold winters and I own a Nissan Pathfinder My husband told me that on winter mornings I should leave the temperature knob all the way to the cold position until my engine heats up He...

Are gasoline heaters a good way to heat my VW Bug...or a fire hazard?

Help I am truly desperate I have this adorable Volkswagen Bug baby blue with daisy decals It's been completely overhauled both inside and out It's beautiful The only problem is that I live in Colorado and it's COLD One shop...


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