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Just Calm Down: A Fan's Plea to Tom and Ray

Car Talk hears from a listener who wishes Tom and Ray would just stop laughing.

Quit Picking on Art History Students!

One Art History major has had enough of Tom and Ray's antics.

Hey Tom & Ray: Where's your love for American cars?

I am a great fan of your column and that is probably why I get myself into so much trouble. I have been noticing that you answer foreign-car questions more often than American-car questions.

Don't call our Ford Escorts cheap!

I am a steady reader of your column Recently you called the Ford Escort a cheap small noisy car I resent this Three of us here have Escorts--good gas mileage no problems comfortable We are very happy with our cheap...

What do you always side with the ladies?

You guys are always downgrading men when it comes to automotive knowledge You almost always publish incidents where the woman is right and the hubby or some other guy is wrong Are you guys afraid of women Rudy TOM No...

Sometimes car advice is worth what you pay for.

I read your column every week--why I don t know And I have to admit to a little envy I d love to get paid you do get paid don t you for writing smart aleck answers to really dumb...

This car salesman takes issue with our depiction of dealership sales tactics.

I regularly read your column and in most cases enjoy what you have to say However I and many members of our sales department take issue with your depiction of car salespeople as rats The analogy was humorous at first...

I dropped the newspaper in the tub and obliterated it...

Some weeks ago I picked up my paper from my front porch and as I always do went right to your column My wife and I argue over who will get to read your column first so I try to...

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