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Is Higher Octane Gas "Better"?


Dee's car requires 87 octane gas according to the manufacturer. Here's why she may be wasting money filling it with premium.

should i use a lower or a higher octane gas if i can't get mid range gas

What to Do When You Need an Octane in Between?


Dave needs an octane in between what's offered at the pump. Should he become an impromptu mixologist when filling up?

can using premium gas cause a head gasket to blow

Is Using the Wrong Kind of Gas Causing Blown Head Gaskets?


Does Maureen's granddaughter have a problem with gasoline--or her foot on the gas?

Why Do Gas Prices Vary So Much, State by State (And Even One Block to Another)?

It's not a big oil company conspiracy, because gas stations are often locally owned. Blame refinery costs, rent, and what the market will bear.

Cheap Gas + Collective Amnesia = Big SUVs

We forget that fuel prices are cyclical, and when they go up again we'll regret all those new gas guzzlers now in driveways everywhere.

Americans Driving More, Having More Accidents--in Gas Guzzlers

Cheap gas makes it easier to maintain the family budget, but it's propelling us into long road trips in our new SUVs.
Effects of diesel in a gas tank

What Really Happens When You Put Diesel in a Gas Car?


What's the worst that can happen to your car if you mix up the diesel and the gasoline? And does this happen a lot? Car Talk has the answer, here.

Does driving with low gas do damage

Gas Myths: How Close to Empty is it Safe to Get?


Today: It used to be that we were told to keep our gas tanks at least half-full to prevent water condensation. Is this still true?

Can gas be watered down

Do Gas Stations Ever Thin Gas With Water?


Today: Car Talk tackles a gas station myth for Julie.

Is it ok to stretch the gas hose across a car when refueling

Mike vs. Housemate: Who's Right About Proper Fill-Up Technique?


Mike's housemate thinks it's OK to stretch the gas pump hose across your car when refueling but Mike thinks this is a bad idea. Who's right?


Rocket Fuel