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Hit it With a Rock: DIY Repairs

Mike's truck wouldn't start and a mechanic of a mechanic passing by suggested he hit the fuel-pump with a hammer while someone else tried to start the car. Can Car Talk explain why this method works and whether he still needs to replace the fuel-pump?

Why won't "Ophelia" the Accord start when it's hot?

I drive an art car named Ophelia. She is a 91' Honda Accord with 250,000 miles on her. When I bought her, 11 years ago, the man I purchased her from said, "Oh and sometimes she won't start if it's hot out."...

Is Marisia's Xterra suffering from a case of sugar-induced shakes?

So ... I'm pretty sure my ex put sugar in my gas tank. I'm positive about the sugar; can't prove that he did it. But he's crazy, and this happened the first night I had gone out on the town and...

Today: The pros and cons of having your boyfriend repair your car.

I'm a busy, poor veterinary student with an old, 1989 Volvo 240 DL. I have a wannabe boyfriend/mechanic who likes to tear into things and see what's inside, then put things back together the best he can. I appreciate his efforts...

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