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do air filters need changing more than every 30,000 miles

When is Replacing An Air Filter a Dirty Sales Trick?


Gary's mechanic says his air filter is filthy after only 5,000 miles. Is this possible--or a sales gimmick?

Is it okay to use a larger oil filter

OK to Use Larger Oil Filter?


Larry found a larger oil filter for his car and wonders if th extra oil capacity would help his engine in the long run. Tom and Ray say they've done similar work for customers who insist, but there are always dangers to improvising with the filter. Find out more, here.

Can you use paper towels to clean a dipstick

Today: Death by Lint?


Tom and Ray hear from Joan who wonders if there's a particular type of towel she should be using to clean the dipstick when she checks her oil. Can lint make its way into the engine and cause damage? Find out why Joan doesn't need to worry, right here.

Do cars still need to be lubed

Time to Retire the Grease Gun


Dann gets his oil and filter changed regularly, but he wants to know if he should get the car lubed too. Are all those squeaks and squawks coming from the undercarriage just his imagination? Tom and Ray explain why most cars don't need lube jobs anymore, and have some alternative uses for their now-idle grease gun. (Toilet seat on April Fool's Day, anyone?)

Damage to truck from no air filter

Today: Jay's new used truck is missing an air filter.


I bought a used truck from a Toyota dealer, drove it for 5,000 miles, and then discovered it was missing an air filter. Should I be worried?

Changing an air filter on a Subaru Outback

Should Pat change his own air filter, or is he out of his league?


My mechanic asked for to replace the cabin air filter on my Subaru Outback Apparently this needs to be done every year I decided to do it myself but after searching online for the filter which is available for about...

Reusable air filters

Today: Are reusable air filters right for your car?


I just found out that cars can use reusable air filters But that's all I know about them except that they're more expensive and claim to be more efficient Do they improve mileage I love a sensible opportunity to be...

how to make a dealership honor its warranty

Could a foreign object really get into the insides of an engine?


My daughter bought a 2005 Kia Sorento nine months ago, and was given an extended warranty by the dealership. A week ago, it started running badly, so she took it back. The technician said two cylinders were not working. He said...

Stuck oil filter has reader stumped

I have a 2006 4.7-liter V-8 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 50,000 miles, and we change our own oil every 3,000 miles. We always have. This last time we went to change the oil, my husband and I battled for two and a half hours to get the...

Do you really need to change your car's oil and filter -- ever? One reader shares some very intriguing research.

While I was attending the University of Oklahoma in 1960, a study was done by the petroleum engineering department. The question was: Is draining oil from a vehicle necessary? They worked with White Trucking Company and tested their theory on long-haul...


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