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How to borrow a trailer

A Brief History of Utility Trailers


How our blogger survived the 70s' era of DIY trailers and kids riding atop the sacks of garbage on the way to the town dump. Plus, etiquette for the modern trailer borrower. 

Automobile breakdowns and roadside assistance

Tool-less TC and the Ladies of the Pine Tree State


Broken down in Maine? The ladies of the Pine Tree State are standing by with the tools you forgot to pack. 

Are Luxury Drivers the Biggest Jerks on the Road?

The public perceives that German and other high-end car owners act like selfish morons behind the wheel. And a University of California report backs up that impression.

David vs. Neighbor: Who's Right?

David lets his neighbor park in his spare garage. The problem? The neighbor likes to warm up the car, with the door closed. Will Car Talk tell him to cut it out?

Is Braking Etiquette Different for Hybrids and EVs?

John has always hated those drivers who race to the stoplight and then slam on the brakes. It wastes gas and doesn't save any time. But for electric or hybrid cars with regenerative braking, is this really such a stupid maneuver? Find out what Tom and Ray say, right here.  

Today: It's Ann Against the Idlers

Ann does not care for engine idling. From the line of parents waiting to pick up their kids at the school where she works, to her own husband, who recently 'fessed up to having a favorite parking spot where he sits, drinks his coffee and listens to music with the engine running, Ann is completely surrounded by idlers. Can Tom and Ray help Ann convince these people they're wasting money and damaging the environment? 

Today: Windshield Wiper Marketing Etiquette

Andrew belongs to a car club and he leaves flyers on the windshields of cars that are the right make and model to benefit from the club's services. Fifteen years ago, new members would say they were happy to get the flyer; now the owners get upset if they catch Andrew in the act. What gives? Tom and Ray say the culture has changed. Find out why, and read their suggestions for having a bit of fun with these angry drivers, right here.

Paging Miss Manners: Parking Etiquette

Duane wants Tom and Ray's advice for how to stop his neighbor from parking in front of his house on the "technically" public street. Tom and Ray offer some tips for successful neighborly negotiations. Who's the jerk in this situation? Read Tom and Ray's advice and tell us what you think. 

Today: Who's the jerk?

I need to know if I'm being a jerk Every day I use a left exit ramp on the highway that starts out one lane wide. A second lane begins on the right -- it brings no new traffic it...

Can a driver be too polite?

I read your column all the time and value your opinion (especially if you side with me!) My husband (whom I call Bubba, if you are interested) frequently will stop to let someone else go first at intersections, when he...


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