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Can Car Talk Diagnose Ed's GMC Sonoma Mystery?

"Well, now you know why the previous owner sold it."
Crazy biting ants in your car

Today: Your Crazy Ant


Disclaimer: Our wildlife biologist does not have any tips for surviving a visit from your mom’s wacko sister. But she can help with the six-legged variety.

Today: MIG Welding an Older Truck?

Car Talk's advice for MIG welding: get the right eye protection, and try not to set your car, your house or your hair on fire. Read the rest, right here.

Did a Loose Ground Ground Charlie's Ford Escape?

Charlie took his Ford Escape on a cross-country trip and after stopping for gas on the way back, it refused to start back up. They had it towed to a service station where it miraculously started and behaved just fine for the rest of the trip. Now Charlie's wondering what went wrong and if it will happen again. Read Tom and Ray's advice for Charlie, right here. 

Today: Car Fires on the Horizon

Judy's turn signal malfunctioned and when it did she saw a wisp of smoke coming out of her Ford Explorer's steering column. She's worried that if she ignores the problem, the whole car will eventually go up in flames. Find out what Tom and Ray recommend right here.

Is it possible for turn signals to fail intermittently?

The blinkers on Terry's beat-up 1995 Volvo 850 have stopped working for her...but they still work for her husband! Is this a case of failed electronics or operator error?

Copper Theft: Are EV Charging Stations the Next Target?

Copper thieves cost the nation as much as $1 billion a year, and the electric grid infrastructure is one of their biggest targets. What's going to happen when copper-rich charging cables for public EV charging stations are located out in plain sight?

Today: Eli and the impudent coil wire.

Hi My name is Eli and I have a quick question for you I live in North Carolina I'm a teenager and I am a mechanic's assistant I've been working in the shop for about a month now so I'm...
what could make the turn signals act differently with different drivers

Is Sutton's 2003 VW Jetta sentient?


My 2003 VW Jetta hates my husband. Granted, he deserves it. He drove my car over a traffic island and messed up the wheel rims; he tore out the oil pan and then drove till the engine seized up; and he...

How long should a car battery last unused

Why's the battery in Tim's VW dying such a sudden death?


I purchased a new 2010 VW CC, and the car has 5,000 miles on it. During a long weekend, I left the car unused for four days, and the battery died. There were no lights on or external power drains. On Tuesday...


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