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From Chevrolet in Detroit: Bolt or Volt, Your Choice

GM has freshened the 2016 Volt with 50 miles of all-electric range, and set off a buzz with the Bolt, an all-electric car, with 200 miles of range at $30,000. 

Tesla's Model X Will Have Lots of German Competition

It's getting crowded at the expensive end of the market! The Model S had the field to itself, but the Model X will have to duke it out with a bunch of similar models, many of them from Europe.

Is Braking Etiquette Different for Hybrids and EVs?

John has always hated those drivers who race to the stoplight and then slam on the brakes. It wastes gas and doesn't save any time. But for electric or hybrid cars with regenerative braking, is this really such a stupid maneuver? Find out what Tom and Ray say, right here.  

Eco-Activism in Disguise: The Fastest Electric Motorcyle

Eco-Activism in disguise? A Swedish-born American is out to prove that electric vehicles don't have to be "slow and boring." And at 241.9 mph, we'd say she's doing a pretty good job.

The Renovo is a $500,000 Electric Cobra Daytona

A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs plugged in a modified Cobra chassis, added twin motors, and got zero to 60 in less than 3.4 seconds. It's evocative, sure, because the Daytona has a colorful--even lurid--history.

Electric Car Buying Guide

Considering an EV? The choices are growing, from two-seat economy cars to luxury performance vehicles. Find out what’s on the market, right here. 

Electric Car FAQs

Get answers to common questions about Electric Vehicles, right here. 

Is an EV Right for Me?

All cars may be electric someday, but right now they’re a niche market and not for everybody. Take our quiz and find out if an EV is right for you, right here.

Electric Vehicle Explainer

What's under the hood of an EV? Do they even keep the important stuff under the hood? Find out what makes your EV go, right here. 

The Pros and Cons of Owning an EV

The good news is that EVs are simple, cheap to operate, and benefit the planet. What's the bad news? Range is limited, reliability unproven, and there are high upfront costs.


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