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is the distance saved by cutting curves on the highway significant

Picking the Smartest Line May be Dumb


A reader asks if picking a line like a race car driver on the interstate saves gas. 

It is better to ride the brake or use a lower gear

Lower Gear vs. Riding the Brakes: What's Best

Joe's daily commute includes a steep mountain road. What's better for his Ford Explorer Sport Trac-using the brakes all the way down or relying on lower gear? Car Talk's answer here.
How front-wheel cars work

A Wellspring of Misinformation!


Today: Marc's dealership told him that if he wants to avoid getting stuck on ice in his front-wheel drive Nissan Altima, he should always make sure to park with his right tires on the dry pavement. Is this how front-wheel drive cars work, or does his dealer have his head up his differential? Car Talk explains, right here.

Fast acceleration causes bad gas mileage

Husband to Blame for Bad Gas Mileage?


Lois's husband gets terrible gas mileage when he drives, and Lois wants Tom and Ray to explain why. Her theory: That her husband's jackrabbit starts at lights are causing the drop in MPG. Whose side will Tom and Ray take? Find out here. 

Winter Driving with the Pros: Alta Ski Area

We asked a driver who makes daily trips up and down the single most avalanche-prone road in North America for his best winter driving tip. What is it? (Other than, "Don't get buried!"?) Find out, right here.
should i leave my foot off the clutch when i turn a corner in my car

God Save the Clutch


Tesa has been driving stick for years but still harbors traumatic memories of learning to drive with her dad. She recently moved back to her home town and her dad thinks he's still obligated to remind her not to ride the clutch (which she wasn't doing anyway, thank you very much.) Is her dad right, or is he just being a pain in the tuchus? Find out what Tom and Ray think.

is there a proper series of steps to park on a hill

Bad News for Lynnay: Her Mother Is Right


Lynnay's mother is adamant that there is a right way to park, and equally adamant that Lynnay is doing it wrong. Tom and Ray explain how the transmission and the parking brake work together and weigh in on whether Lynnay is really destroying her transmission like mommy dearest says.

How RPMs affect fuel efficency

Could driving a vehicle at higher RPMs be more efficient?


Marie and her buddy both love to drive manual transmission vehicles, but their driving styles couldn't be more different. Which one of them is getting better gas mileage?

 Best way to approach a speed bump

Today: What's the best way to approach a speed bump?


I live in a gated community with lots of speed bumps to deter speeding I am always amazed at the ingenious techniques people use when they go over speed bumps There is the one-wheel technique the diagonal technique and of...

Memorial Day Memo: Don't Drive Like an Idiot (or My Brother)

I prove that it's not hard to drive like a complete moron this holiday weekend. But you can also drive smart and actually save bundles of money at the pumps.


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