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Picture Panthers: Can Better Signage Get Drivers to Brake for Wildlife?

Is an image really worth a thousand words? When it comes to distracted driving, the answer is yes!

A Modern Mystery: Why Hang Back at Stoplights?

Jim's a self-described old timer and he's noticed a new phenomenon--people leaving several car lenghts between themselves and the next car at traffic lights. Can Car Talk solve this mystery? 

Apple's CarPlay Could be Great, But Delays are Ominous

With a 2014 release date and a roster of automakers lined up, Apple had the momentum, but delays are a problem. Interested? Tell us why--or why not--right here.

NHTSA Goes After the Phones in Drivers' Pockets

Should the Feds govern mobile apps in your car? Right now, it's one big, huge gray area. Some states fine you for navigating with your phone. Do you agree?

Distracted Driving: The Hands-Free Myth Persists

New studies are confirming that hands-free devices are not the solution to distracted driving. Tom and Ray have been saying this for years. 

Brace Yourself: Teen Driving Habits Get Worse over Time

A new study finds brand-new drivers are great at paying attention to the road...for the first few months, anyway.

Something Serious, For a Change...

Every week, we get mail sharing stories about people who have been killed or seriously injured by distracted drivers. Please take a moment out of your day to watch even just a minute of it this video and share it with your friends and family.

Driver Distraction - on a Larger and Sadder Scale

Distracted driving is even more dangerous when mass transit is involved.

A Letter From My Student

Professor Paul Atchley's visit to the Distracted Driving Summit inspired a passionate call in his classroom to end this dangerous behavior.

NHTSA's Misguided Driver Distraction Guidelines

Tom and Ray sound off on why NHTSA's new driver distraction guidelines are destined to fail and fail big. Luckily, they have a few solutions in mind. Read all about it right here.


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