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Brilliant or Bogus: Robert's Diesel Engine Swap Idea

Robert is looking at a VW Tiguan, but he really prefers diesel. Can he just buy the car anyway and swap in a diesel engine? Is this more trouble than it's worth?  

Today: How to Roll-Start a Diesel Engine?

Bobby wants to know if he can roll-start his diesel-powered car by engaging a higher gear and popping the clutch. Tom and Ray say every vehicle is dfferent so he'd have to experiment to figure out which gear he'd want to use at what speed. They also have some exciting news for Bobby about a new invention that makes this method of starting cars unnecessary. Find out what it is, right here.

Volvo V60 Diesel Hybrid: The “It” Car that Isn’t

This plug-in diesel hybrid gives devotees of Volvo wagons a million reasons to celebrate. But don't pop the champagne cork just yet...there's a big catch.

Think Smaller: Driving the XL1

When Dr. Ferdinand Piëch says, "Jump", VW asks, "How high?" The result: A car that is capable of driving 100 km on 1 liter of fuel...and then some.

Driving VW's Astonishing 200 MPG XL1

It's the most aerodynamic, fuel-efficient car in the world, and $145,000 buys you bragging rights. But only in Europe, alas.

Husband's Big Idea Will Pay Off... In 250 Years

Laura's husband wants to convert their pick-up truck to run on diesel to save on fuel costs, but Laura is skeptical that the cost of the project is worth it. Tom and Ray do some calculations to figure out when they can expect to start turning a profit on this big idea.

Today: The real difference between diesel and gasoline.

What is the difference between diesel and regular gasoline My boyfriend thinks that diesel is mixed with oil and he can't explain what is in regular gasoline that makes it different from diesel Please explain -- Corie TOM The main...

Paul flushes his Ford Windstar with diesel fuel. Is he nuts?

I am really bad at keeping up with timely oil changes on my 2005 Ford Windstar. When I do change the oil and filter, I write the date and the odometer mileage on the side of the oil filter. The last... 

Why would an oil change for a diesel cost Phil $80? Find out in today's letter.

I am looking to buy a car soon, and I am thinking about getting a diesel, because of their great gas mileage. I know a thing or two about cars, but I'm not a professional mechanic yet, as I'm still...

True or False: Do diesel engines need warming up?

My neighbor warms up his diesel F250 pickup truck every morning for 20 minutes. He says he is "protecting" his investment, as he just got a new $5,000 engine. I say he is killing his neighbors. I can't find anything on the...

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