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Compensation for European VW owners

VW Cops a Plea


The end to an ordeal endured by close to half a million American purchasers of Volkswagen turbo-diesel engines may draw to something like a close in federal court tomorrow, but it may not feel like it to all owners.

buying a diesel vehicle

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Diesel?


Values of used diesles have tanked lately - does that mean now is a good time to buy? 

Effects of diesel in a gas tank

What Really Happens When You Put Diesel in a Gas Car?


What's the worst that can happen to your car if you mix up the diesel and the gasoline? And does this happen a lot? Car Talk has the answer, here.

Volkswagen diesel scandal

Diesel Dilemma: What Should VW Owners Do Now?


Got a diesel Volkswagen? Wondering what you should do next? Find out here.

VW Diesel Owners: Here's What We Know

The Volkswagen emissions scandal is stunning in scope, but has plenty of precedent. How did they think they were going to get away with it this time?
Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal

How Green Was My Volkswagen


How would it feel to eat a meal 40 times larger -- or drink a beer forty times bigger -- than what you’d ordered or what doctors, scientists and government regulators recommended? And then to realize you've been tricked into doing it?

The VW Betrayal: Car Talk Interviews Dan Neil

One of our favorite automotive journalists, and favorite writers, Dan Neil from the WSJ gives us his thoughts so far on the VW betrayal.

I bought a 2015 VW diesel. I also suffer from Asthma. Boy, am I ticked off.

Pass the Ventolin and—oh, one other thing—F*&% You, VW. Car Talk's Senior Web Lackey on VW's massive diesel deceit.
VW and Audi defeat device scandal

The Blue Tec Blues


What can you say of the shocking news that Volkswagen devised – and, then, even more embarrassingly, employed – a super-sneaky software hack to make it appear to U.S. government regulators that 482,000 diesel engines it sold here were less polluting than they actually were?

What's the best car for Doomsday

Today: Best Car to Buy for Doomsday?


Lynne's buying a new car and she's concerned about . . . Doomsday. Can Car Talk recommend a vehicle that will flourish in an environment of EMPs, limited fuel availability and worthless money? 


Rocket Fuel