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Will Hitchhike For Shrimp


Our blogger Tim Cotton on hitchhiking, police conferences and why it's always worth it to upgrade your rental car (when somebody else is paying.)

1966 Datsun 1600 Fairlady roadster

Divine Intervention and a 1966 Datsun 1600


What brought you and your car together? Fate? Divine intervention? Or just a really good sale?

Fun convertibles

Convertibles of the '60s Looked Like a Lot More Fun


Compared to the pictures of the new Buick Cascada, convertibles appeared to be a LOT more fun in the 1950s and 1960s.

There are Only 27 Convertibles Left in the United States (For Under $85K)

Everybody should own a convertible at least once in their life. Only now, they're getting harder and harder to come by unless you're a one-percenter. At no point since the 1970s have convertibles been more rare.
Convertible top was ruined in heavy rain

The Convertible, the Rain, and the Mold


John drove his convertible during a heavy rain, not realizing that the top had worn out. Now he has a little mold problem. Car Talk explains his options, right here. 

Buick Cascada

Buick Cascada


Looking for a four seat convertible? Our blogger Jamie Lincoln Kitman thinks the Buick Cascada might fit the bill. 

Slow Summer Sales for Convertibles

All but two of the Top Ten cars stuck on dealer lots this month are convertibles or coupes. What's it say? My guess is that the summer-car buying season is over.
Jensen Interceptor classic car

Jensen Interceptor: Leather, Wood, and The Fates


The Fates sometime communicate with us in mysterious ways, but today they all but club Jim Hanna in the head with a clear message about this marriage of British spirit and American muscle.

Ford's 2015 Mustang Debuts, Goes Global

The Mustang has always been an American icon, but now Ford wants to spread its appeal to Europe and Asia (where it has long had cult status).
What's a used, safe and affordable convertible

Today: Best Convertible for a Nonagenarian?


Anne's ready to trade in her Subaru Outback for something a little more fun. She wants a convertible. But she's also looking for something safe with good gas mileage; a 93-year-old lady has to be a little bit practical. What do Tom and Ray suggest? Something in red, obviously. 


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