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The Noble Art of Goofing Off

James restores classic cars for fun and his neighbor recently thanked him for "preserving our automotive heritage."  This was news to James who thought he was just goofing around in the garage. Are goofing off and acting nobly mutually exclusive? Car Talk weighs in, here. 

Classic Cars Are Better Investments Than Art, Real Estate and Wine

Don't buy an Andy Warhol drawing for a nest egg, buy an old Porsche instead. The collector car market is in something of a bubble right now, but you can take advantage of it.

Want a Classic Car from Cuba? You’d Be Better Off with Ray’s Colt Vista

Want a classic car from Cuba? The miles may not have been kind to some of these classics! 

The Renovo is a $500,000 Electric Cobra Daytona

A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs plugged in a modified Cobra chassis, added twin motors, and got zero to 60 in less than 3.4 seconds. It's evocative, sure, because the Daytona has a colorful--even lurid--history.

Way, Way Back: The '60s Through the Back of a Station Wagon

The sight of a tri-colored Buick Caballero kid hauler sends the author back in time, like Proust's madeleines. The 50s and 60s were all about wood-paneled wagons for Americansof a certain age. 

Jensen Interceptor: Leather, Wood, and The Fates

The Fates sometime communicate with us in mysterious ways, but today they all but club Jim Hanna in the head with a clear message about this marriage of British spirit and American muscle.

It's a Doozy!

How Daniel Pinkwater's dad came to America, gave up crime, was given an amazing car - and cracked it up on the Lower East Side. 

It Helps to Know Someone in the Business

How did Jamie Kitman come to own Colin Chapman's very own '69 Ford Cortina Lotus Mark II? Read on! 

Birthday Gifts for the VWBus-Obsessed

Carlin needs Tom and Ray's help choosing a gift for her boyfriend who will turn 40 this year. The birthday boy has a '71 VW Bus that needs repair and she wants to give something that will help with that project. Can Tom and Ray think of the perfect present?

So You Want to Buy an Old Car? (I Know I Do)

Being too busy to write the book, The Sixteen Essential Habits of Old Car Whoredom, I offer here as many tips for buying old cars. Don’t bother sending me your thanks...checks and wire transfers will do nicely.


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