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What's Causing Periodic Engine Misfire?

Jim hit a big puddle a while back, and now his engine misfires when it's rainy or humid. Can Car Talk help him out? 

Missed Signals and the Overheating Taxi

Russ's taxi just blew its head gasket and he wants to know whether he missed any warning signals that could have prevented it. Tom and Ray say there were plenty of warning signals and want to know why Russ chose to ignore them all. Find out where Russ went wrong, right here. 

The Check Engine Light: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The most common response to a glowing dashboard warning is...using any means necessary to turn the light off. That's human nature. But the check engine and airbag warnings actually come on for a reason.

If the check engine light goes on after the car warms up, is it still a problem?

If anyone ever told this female that I'd be looking forward to an automotive column every week I'd never have believed it But it's true I'm writing because our Mercury Marquis has an ailment that our mechanic cannot solve My...

99% chance that your Suburu's "Check Engine Light" is on to indicate a bad solenoid.

I have a Subaru GL station wagon with miles There is not a dealer around and local mechanics can't answer this question After about minutes of operation the ECS light comes on I assume this indicates a scheduled adjustment or...

Is a "service engine" light the same as a "check engine" light?

I own a Saturn SL with miles on it It's a wonderful car that has very few problems but I do have one concern Periodically my Service Engine Soon light comes on stays a while and blinks off My oil...

Check Engine Lights are better than fans for avoiding an overheated engine.

I own a Ford Escort Recently the car overheated due to a faulty fan relay The car had only miles on it and now I need a new engine In the future I was wondering if it would be a...

Why would Mark's oil light flash only when the AC is on?

In I was driving my VW GTI across the country I was moving so my car was packed At the time my car had about K on it I was driving on the interstate with the air conditioner running and...

The "go to your mechanic and have the engine checked" light.

My Chariot is a Chevy Celebrity wagon For the last month or so once in about every starts my check engine light comes on and stays on Please tell me what it is I'm supposed to check Is there a...

Does the check engine light actually indicate a problem?

My question concerns my Chevy Cavalier The check engine light comes on all the time I check the items under the hood that would cause this trouble and find nothing wrong What should I do Art TOM Some historical perspective...

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