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Hailstorm Dents: Is This Repair Necessary?

A hailstorm dented Dan's family cars. The repairs are covered by his insurance company, but Dan wants Tom and Ray's blessing to keep the dents and use the money for something else. Can dents be dangerous, or is this repair optional? 

What To Do When Your Truck Falls Off the Lift

Sven's truck fell off the lift at the dealership. What kind of damage should he look for?

Today: Joe's car fell off the tow truck. Now what?

I had the opportunity to watch my car fall off a flatbed tow truck last night in the middle of Brooklyn Nothing like waiting two hours for a tow truck because the car wouldn't start and then seeing it sitting...

Joanne drove into her house. Can Tom and Ray help?

So, I drove my car into my house. That's not the opening line of a joke, I really did do that. I got the house fixed right away to keep it from collapsing, but I just can't decide whether I...

Ever wonder about the best way to fix bullet holes?!

Although I am not currently participating in a witness-protection program, I think it best not to divulge my true name or whereabouts -- you'll understand. I live in a rural setting near a medium-size U.S. city. That's as specific...

Should Mike save a few bucks and go for a hail-damaged car, or will he be buying a dent-plagued nightmare? Find out.

I'm a college student in a small Podunk town in Minnesota. Recently, we were "blessed" with a hailstorm like none other, and the damage to the cars here can only be described as impressive. I've been postponing buying a car...

How did Trent get two large holes in his van's roof-- and what's the best way to fix them? Find out.

I have a '92 GMC van that features a fiberglass roof. The problem is that the roof has two rather large holes in it due to a lower-than-perceived concrete support beam in my local shopping mall's parking garage. I need...

What kind of body repair work could I get done for $200?

Help! I am REALLY hoping that you guys are not basking on some beach today. Here's the deal: While my husband was conveniently out of town on business last week, I inadvertently backed into the right front fender of a...

I banged up my mom's brand new Jeep. Can I repair the damage without replacing an entire panel?

I'm 17 and have been listening to your radio show with my dad for as long as I can remember. I got in my first car accident four days ago ... with our garage. I was coming home late at night and...

Minor body damage: to fix, or not to fix?

I have a Subaru Forester that I love About nine months ago I pulled out of an awkward parking space and managed to ding up the driver's side toward the back Thinking it wasn't too bad I ordered the Ding...


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