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Big Oil vs. Big Ethanol: A PR Battle Royal

The EPA is proposing a big cut in the Renewable Fuel Standard, but ethanol producers say it's all political and the regulators are bowing to oil company pressure.

The Battle Over Biofuels

It's war! Big Oil is bringing out the big guns, lawsuits are flying, and biofuels are under attack as never before. Not all the charges stick.

The Great Ethanol Debate: Food vs. Fuel?

Yes, but it’s complicated—climate change and high gas prices also figure into the skyrocketing cost of corn.

Big Oil Meets Big Corn in Battle of Titan Hypocrites

Comrade Motavalli has it right -- corn ethanol is not the way forward, especially when it's made by the big corn-glomerates; grown on big, corporate farms, knee deep in petrochemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. And he is correct, too, in pointing out that ethanol doesn't need to be made from corn.

Could ethanol be the way to go? Tom and Ray investigate the energy pros and cons.

I've always wondered about ethanol. Seems too good to be true -- you just plant some corn, harvest it, and in no time you have fuel for your car. So I Googled ethanol on the Web. There are tons of...

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