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"Bikes vs. Cars": A Film That Fights the Tyranny of the Tailpipe

In Toronto, a biker or pedestrian is hit in traffic every three hours; someone is killed every seven hours. Los Angeles and São Paulo, Brazil are no better, but Copenhagen is paradise for two wheelers, the new movie says.

5 Ways Tomorrow's Cities Will Kick Cars into the Background

It's about time, in our humble opinions. Here's how new urban redesigns are giving pedestrians and cyclists the upper hand. 

Will Auto Manufacturers Help Save Cyclists?

Over 700 cyclists died after being hit by cars, according to statistics from the most recent year available. Can we stop the carnage? Some auto companies think they can help. Here's how. 

Something We Think is Pretty Cool

New bike helmets that keep you safe without messing up your stylish locks.
tandem bicycle

Riding Shirty


Just because you're on a bike doesn't mean you own the road. What is it about riding a bicycle that brings out the self-righteous creep in so many of my fellow New Yorkers?

The Amazing World of Cargo Bikes

Bicycles aren’t for Sunday cruising anymore; now they’re hauling serious freight around Europe.
Installing a hitch on a Subaru Outback

Today: A Hitch in Anne's Bike Rack Plans


Anne wants to install a trailer hitch for a bike rack on her Subaru Outback, but her husband worries it will affect the resale value. Who's right?

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