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Does using cruise control really help you save gas? Tom and Ray settle a bet.

My gentleman friend and I have a steak dinner bet riding on your answer to this question. I say using the cruise control on our highway trips saves gas. It saves gas because I am not bopping between different speeds...

Is there such a thing as directional tires?

A friend of mine took her Saturn to a mechanic as the car was running a bit rough and the road noise was loud He examined the car and told her that the dealership had improperly installed directional tires on...

Do bigger wheels make the speedometer read faster or slower?

Does putting bigger wheels on your car make the speedometer read faster or slower I've got a bet on this Jim RAY The speedometer will read slower Jim The speedometer reading is based on how many times the axle turns...

What's the best way to warm up a car? Lunch hangs in the balance.

It has recently been brought to my attention that a certain co-worker of mine has depleted his reserve of brain cells You see he is a product of the sixties and you know what that means He is under the...

Does downshifting use more gas, or less?

Our names are Pete and Charley and we've had an ongoing discussion for years about a certain subject Your answer to this question will result in one of us getting a free breakfast We've both agreed that your answer to...

Will a car run "better" without a catalytic converter or muffler?

Forgive me for asking a purely theoretical question but I need to win a bet Will a current model American car run better without a catalytic converter or without a muffler Please understand I have no intention of removing these...

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