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Why Is Moon's Mitsubishi Squeaking?

Moon's Mitsubishi Lancer started squeaking when it rains, and now it squeals and whines all the time. Tom and Ray say she has two choices--either she can get it checked out, or she can just wait for the belt to break and fall off. Then she'll be able to enjoy the silence once again! 

Today: The squeaky belt does not get the oil.

I have a high-pitched noise coming from the engine of my Chevy Blazer with -plus miles My husband told me it was a belt and he oiled it I'd never heard of that I thought you tightened or replaced belts...

How can William keep his belt on? (The one on his Chrysler, that is?)

I have a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan with the six-cylinder engine. Whenever I drive through a puddle, the belt slips off. All of the original undercarriage guards are still present and in factory condition. I have replaced the water...

Today: Should you dress your car's belts?

Belt dressings? Yes or no? I heard on your radio show this week not to spray belt dressings on serpentine belts. I recently was told TO use belt dressings on my serpentine belt by a mechanic. He said it would...

The downside of serpentine belts.

I have a problem with the belt on my ' six-cylinder Jeep Cherokee It was fine but then the serpentine belt began to shred I replaced it and the new one began to shred too I noticed that the belt...

Splash guards for wet, squeaky belts.

I own a Ford F- XLT Lariat with a V motor I've talked to other Ford owners and we all have the same problem It seems that whenever it rains or the underside of the motor gets wet the belts...

WD-40 to fix squeaky belts? Bad idea.

I am the owner of a Mercury Grand Marquis Recently I had all new belts installed at miles because I plan to keep the car a while longer Within a few days the belts began squealing unmercifully We returned to...

What could be causing Glen to burn through so many alternator belts?

My work vehicle is a Chevy G- van with a engine My problem is that I keep burning up alternator belts If I turn on the headlights or AC I'm likely to smoke the belt It's as if the alternator...

What's behind this shrieking wheel?

The right front wheel of my Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera shrieks horribly Mostly this happens in the first couple of miles of driving and then intermittently I find this embarrassing not to mention disturbing I have taken it to four mechanics...

If a new belt doesn't make this noise go away, what will?

I have a question my mechanic can't seem to answer In the right front of the engine compartment of my ' V Thunderbird the belt that turns the alternator and air pump makes an annoying whistling-whining noise When water is...


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