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Breakthrough Batteries: Fighting to be the Next Big Thing

Today's standard lithium-ion cells are today's standard, but disruptive technology that's cheaper, lasts longer and charges faster may be around the corner. Here's what's in the works.

Wiring the World

Meet Idan Ofer, Israel’s wealthiest man, who pushes an ambitious plan to plug in the planet and save us from climate change, starting with switchable battery stations.

Battery Breakthroughs

Colorado’s Prieto Battery is poised to change the game for EVs with 400-mile range and fast charging, but it has to prove first that its technology works. Other companies are in the hunt, too.

The Big Battery Breakthrough

If Envia Systems’ claims are true, then EV packs will soon cost a fraction of what they do now. And that’s good news the embattled electric car industry needs.

Car Saves NPR Station

A little creative automotive thinking helped WCBE stay on the air this summer after a power failure.

Power to the People: How to Run Your House on Your Car

Here’s a scenario: An electric storm knocks out power to your house just as the Super Bowl is starting. Do you knock on the neighbor’s door with a six-pack, or do you try plugging your television into your Nissan Leaf’s 24-kilowatt-hour battery pack?

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