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how can i save the electronic presents when i swap my battery

How to Keep Your Presets during a Battery Swap


If your car's battery gives up the ghost, here's how to preserve those radio presets and other electronic settings during the swap.

can i use tap water to fill batteries

Do Batteries Need Distilled Water?


Joe wants to know if batteries need distilled water to thrive, or if good old tap water will do the trick.

Prius battery life

Is Battery Life a Deal-Breaker on a Prius?


Lois wants a new Prius and needs to know if the battery will go the distance. 

how much does a car need to run to keep the battery from running down from disuse

What's the Best Way to Keep a Battery Charged?


Marty has a GMC pickup that he rarely uses. What's the best way to keep the battery charged? 

Can lighter socket chargers drain the battery when car is off

Is LED in Device Charger Drawing Down the Battery?


Alan unplugs all the chargers for his electronic gizmos when he parks overnight. Is he wasting his time? Car Talk explains how long it would take for an LED light to impact the battery, right here

Running the engine faster to recharge the battery faster

Does a Faster Engine Equal a Faster Battery Charge?

Today: Chris heard that you can recharge your battery faster by running your engine faster. Is this true? Car Talk weighs in, right here. 
Effects of removing the car battery

Is it OK to Disconnect the Battery for Eight Months?


Vinnie has a Subaru Outback that he only uses for winter driving. He wonders if it's OK to disconnect the battery and leave it sitting for eight months out of the year. Car Talk's answer, right here. 

Breakthrough Batteries: Fighting to be the Next Big Thing

Today's standard lithium-ion cells are today's standard, but disruptive technology that's cheaper, lasts longer and charges faster may be around the corner. Here's what's in the works.
Aftermarker replacement hybrid battery

Jury's Still Out on Aftermarket Batteries

Anne's Prius needs a new battery and she's tempted to replace it with a much-cheaper, aftermarket version. Tom and Ray aren't quite ready to endorse this move yet because they don't know enough about these batteries. Want to help Tom and Ray? If you've replaced your hybrid battery with an aftermarket part, write in and tell us what happened. 
Can you pull-start a car

Today: Harvey's Harebrained Idea


Harvey has an idea... he wants to develop a lawnmower type pull-start system to start his truck in case the battery dies and there's no one around to give him a jump. Just how bad is this idea? And what should he do instead? Tom and Ray's take, right here.


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