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Outed: Our 500,000th Facebook Fan

Somebody just made a terrible decision. Meet Jeremy Lyons, our 500,000th Facebook fan...

Dash Cammes 2013 Schedule

Last week, we asked Car Talk fans around the world to send us their favorite footage from dashboard-mounted cameras. Our jury has chosen the winners, and we'll be announcing them all weekend. So grab some popcorn, and check out the schedule right here.

Ugly by Accident: The Winner Is . . .

You sent us your nominations for the ugliest cars on the road. Then we put it to a vote. So...which car is the ugliest of all? Take a look!

You Hate It, You Really Hate It!

We asked you to choose your least favorite car color and you answered, with venom! So what color is the worst offender? Well...

We Have a Winner!

The voters have spoken! See the results of our best non-political bumper sticker contest, right here.

Vote! Best Bumper Sticker of All Time

Vote early and often… For the best (non-political) bumper sticker of all time! 

What's Your Favorite Bumper Sticker?

Feeling buried up to your voting lever in political bumperstickers? Car Talk is having its own election. Find out how to nominate your favorite bumpersticker right here.

Our Worst Cars Ever

It's a rusty race to the bottom of the heap! Tom and Ray swap stories about their worst cars ever.
worst car ever

Misery Is in the Eye of the Beholder


Worst Car Ever? For Jamie Kitman, the competition is intense-- and "winner" is a transitory title.

The Messiest Car Ever

There's a bit of a slob in all of us, but sometimes our car clutter gets the better of us. Do you know a vehicle--yours maybe--that's beyond untidy? Has it been the maid's day off for, like, decades? Send the evidence to Car Talk Plaza.


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