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In Praise of the Humble Parts Guy

The last two weeks working on my project 1979 Chevy Blazer have been a constant flurry of activity, punctuated by approximately 27,391 runs to one of the six parts stores within a five mile radius of my house. It's given me a new appreciation for the qualities of a good parts counterman.

When Are Aftermarket Parts OK?

Steve needs to do some repairs on his Dodge Durango but his friends are giving him conflicting advice. A mechanic buddy says he should definitely use real Dodge parts, but a friend who does auto rebuilding says he can get away with aftermarket products. Tom and Ray explain that there's no one-size-fits-all answer for aftermarket parts, but Steve can probably get away with using them in this case. Find out why, right here. 

Advice for an Aspiring Auto-Parts Expert

Brad is starting a job at an auto-parts store and he wants Tom and Ray's advice to help him impress at work. Will Tom and Ray have any good advice for him? Or should Brad learn that asking Tom and Ray for job coaching, two guys who have made a career out of working as little as possible, was not a great idea?

Today: The Saab that Locked Itself

John's dad is locked out of his Saab thanks to a faulty part. With Saab in bankruptcy, will he ever be able to get back in?

How do I sell a car for parts?

Barbara gave the rear of her 1998 Plymouth Voyager Minivan a huge wedgie by backing into a cement post, but the engine is still in good shape. How should she go about selling this car for parts?

Can Brad just go ahead and rip off that air dam?

So the air dam on my '91 Chevy C1500 has taken a beating and is starting to come off. Rather than try to rig it back on or replace it, I want to simply remove it and be done with...

Is it ever okay for a dealership to "cannibalize" a brand-new car for parts?

On Saturday I selected a brand-new Honda Accord from a local dealer here in Hawaii, and gave them my down payment. I was to pick it up last night. But as I was on my way over to get it...

When you're repairing a car, do the parts need to be clean?

My husband is an excellent mechanic and can put together just about any vehicle made. Trouble is, he never cleans any of the parts off before he puts them back in. It is MY opinion that putting in dirty parts...

What to do, when your car's manufacturer decides to stop making parts?

I purchased a Nissan Sentra GXE brand new in 1999. The reason I chose Nissan was its reputation for reliability. At 120,000 miles the "service engine" light came on, and I brought it to the dealer. He found that the metal fuel-filler...

Does an OEM part mean it was made by the car manufacturer?

My son's Chevy Caprice Classic is leaking radiator fluid and a local garage told us it needs a new radiator The cost of an OEM radiator was estimated to be plus two hours of labor I looked on the Internet...


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