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Busting Thieves By Putting Your Key in the Freezer: Boooogus!

We got an email from Marianne giving us the business for suggesting thieves can't read the code from your keyless entry remote and open your car door.

Can Car Talk Help Cheryl Get Some Sleep?

Cheryl suspects that one of her neighbors has a malfunctioning car alarm. Every night it beeps about six times and wakes her and her husband up. Can Car Talk solve the mystery of the midnight beeping?

How's This for Dumb? Leaving Your Keys in the Car.

Car theft is down nationally, but it would be at '60s levels if we'd just stop with this one dope-slap-deserving move.

Gone in 60 Seconds: Using High-Tech DNA Coding to Stop Car Theft

Will your next car be sprayed with DNA, to catch the bad guys? See how the next generation of security systems will work. 

Hackers Have a New Target: Your Car

Cars today have data ports and event data recorders (black boxes), and they can and are being hacked in a variety of creative ways. Bad guys are rolling back odometers, stealing cars with electronic keys, erasing crash data and more. And wait, it all gets worse when every car has 4G access.

Today: Safe Place to Stash a Wallet?

Sol's wondering about the best place to hide valuables in a car. Can Tom and Ray help him keep his stuff hidden away and out of the hands of petty theives?

Thieves can capture your key fob's code. Urban legend-- or not?

I got an e-mail this morning from our company's internal security department about locking your car with the remote key fob. The memo cites the story of a woman in a shopping center who noticed two guys in a car...

How can Lisa convince her car that it's not being stolen?


I am trying to jump-start my husband's 2008 Honda Accord. It's been sitting for a few months since he was deployed to Iraq, and I need to move the car ASAP before the street sweepers come. However, when I connect the...

$37 for a key replacement at the Honda dealership?

I recently bought a pre-owned Honda Civic LX Unfortunately it only came with one key so I am in the midst of trying to get a copy of my car key made The only thing is that the dealer keeps...

What's our anti-theft advice? Hint: it doesn't include car alarms.

We just bought a new Toyota Camry -- one of the most-wanted cars by thieves I would like to buy an alarm system of some sort for this thing but am having trouble finding any information or comparison data I...


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