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Could car cigarette lighters be an alternate energy source?

Oftentimes, I charge my mobile phone or iPod using the cigarette lighter in my car. Does that do any damage to the battery, like limit its life span? If so, should I stop? If not, shouldn't everyone be charging their...

How to tell the difference between a bad battery and a bad alternator.

How does one tell the difference between a bad battery and a bad alternator? My car will not crank, but has some power (the dome lights, panel lights and power locks work). I've had it on a trickle charge for...

Can a car run without its battery?

Could you please settle an argument? Some of my ham radio friends and I have a disagreement about the ability of a vehicle to operate without a battery. I say that a vehicle will stop immediately if you disconnect the...

Why's this Chevy burning through batteries?

I'm anxious to ask you guys a car question that has stumped the Chevy dealer.

Best way to safely test an alternator.

To do a quick check on an alternator I was told that you could start the car and then remove the negative battery cable Doing this would allow you to check whether the alternator is putting out enough current to...

Your alternator might be causing your brake light to flicker.

Datsun B Two or three months ago I noticed that the dashboard brake light was flickering as if it were a turn indicator while I was stopped at a red light I immediately drove to my trustworthy mechanic They decided...

Another bad alternator, or a rare case of a Swedish syndrome known as "ground wire burnout"?

Here's another Saab story for you My girlfriend has a non-turbo It starts fine idles for a while then stalls If you try to start it the battery just acts dead If you jump start it it will run fine...

Going through batteries? Check your alternator.

months after we purchased our Ford T-bird the original -month battery died with no warning signs and had to be replaced months later THAT -month battery died again without warning and had to be replaced months later the low battery...

What could be causing this battery to lose its charge?

Boy do I hope you can answer my question We have a Chevy Open Road Van that keeps wearing down the battery We have had the camper to two different vehicle electrical shops and they told us all we needed...

Suspicious of the alternator belt.

I have a Cadillac Seville with miles It is the - - engine but the computer has been disconnected so it only runs on eight cylinders My problem is that I have a squealing noise from the alternator whenever I...


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