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Ready, Set, Innovate: The College Car Challenge That Leads to a Job

Fifteen colleges compete to build a better plug-in hybrid, and auto companies--from GM to Tesla--are hiring the seasoned veterans.

Apply Here: $16 Billion in Green Car Loan Money

An obscure Federal loan program saved Tesla and brought Nissan Leaf production to America. The program went quiet in the wake of the ill-fated Federal loans to Solyndra, but now it's back in business-- with $16 billion to share. Here's a look at what's coming. 

Hurricane Sandy, Solar Power, and an "Aw Shucks" Moment

Rob and Garrett's 6.5-kilowatt portable solar array--built for a zero emission trip across the U.S.--was in the right place at the right time to turn on the lights and help the relief effort in hard-hit Far Rockaway, Queens.

Making the Case for Propane: From Gas Grills to Cars and Trucks

Propane, the same stuff in our gas grills, also powers our cars? Southern cops are saying yes. Propane is an interesting fuel--liquid at near-room temperature, with relatively cheap refueling. The alternative--CNG and LNG--also have a case to make.

All About Algae: Danforth's Quest to Turn Pond Scum Into Gasoline

The Danforth Plant Science Center in Missouri is a cutting-edge lab for developing tomorrow's biofuels.

It's a Gas: The Powerful Argument for CNG and LNG 18-Wheelers

Big rig truckers are saving a lot of money by switching from diesel to natural gas, but we need a national network of filling stations before this cheaper, cleaner fuel takes over.

Our Fuel-Cell Future

Hydrogen cars are coming by 2015, but in the meantime we already have big zero-emission cells powering businesses—like the Connecticut-based pasta factory I visited last week.

Rocket Fuel