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Reading, Writing and Diesel Exhaust: Jenna Bush on Cleaner School Buses


Former First Daughter (and former teacher) Jenna Bush is advocating for propane-powered buses. The air inside a diesel bus can be eight times dirtier than the outside air.

Electric Cars and Green Power: A Clean Energy Loop

Yes, electric cars like the Chevy Volt I'm driving aren't really "zero emission" if they're charging from fossil fuel plants. But that's why we need to build more solar, wind and hydro generation.

Delivering Those Fritos: Clean-Burning Natural Gas Trucks

Frito-Lay is doubling down on natural gas trucks. It has more than 500--with a 23-percent greenhouse gas reduction--and they've covered 100 million miles. The challenges: volatile gas prices, and a need for more CNG/LNG stations.

Tesla and SolarCity: For Elon Musk, it's Personal (and a Family Affair)

Elon Musk wants Tesla Motors to merge with his cousin's photovoltaic company. It's a decision made from the heart, not the head, but it may be a good idea anyway. 

Big Wheels: A Clean Revolution for Trucks and Buses

Dirty tailpipes are still spewing diesel pollution, but new technology will make the nation's 18-wheelers and transit systems much more environmentally friendly.

The Big Battery Breakthrough (or Maybe Not)

The Feds' ARPA-E agency says it has achieved the "holy grail" of cell development. Unfortunately, we've been down this road before.

2016 Green Car of the Year: No Diesels or Electrics, Please

A certain manufacturer in the news influenced the list, but there are still other strong and very interesting contenders for Green Car of the Year. Check 'em out!

Solar Cars? Very Cool, but Still a Pipe Dream

Who wouldn't want a zero-emission greenmobile powered by the sun's rays? But the sad fact is that the panels don't generate enough energy. 

Saying No to Big Oil: Four Bright Ideas Compete for $125,000

Convoying trucks, wirelessly charging electric cars and clean fuel for boats--which one will win the Safe Energy Security Prize? Car Talk wants your vote, too.

Toyota's Big Bet on the Fuel-Cell Mirai

The zero-emission car can travel 300 miles on a five-minute fill-up, so the big challenge isn't the cars but the expensive refueling stations. But how does three years of free fuel sound?


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