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Toyota's Big Bet on the Fuel-Cell Mirai

The zero-emission car can travel 300 miles on a five-minute fill-up, so the big challenge isn't the cars but the expensive refueling stations. But how does three years of free fuel sound?

The Fast Track From Propane Grills to Propane Cars

Can you run your car with the same stuff you use to grill that T-bone steak? Absolutely! Right now 150,000 American police cars, trucks and school buses run on propane, and that's just the beginning. Here's why.

Ready, Set, Innovate: The College Car Challenge That Leads to a Job

Fifteen colleges compete to build a better plug-in hybrid, and auto companies--from GM to Tesla--are hiring the seasoned veterans.

Apply Here: $16 Billion in Green Car Loan Money

An obscure Federal loan program saved Tesla and brought Nissan Leaf production to America. The program went quiet in the wake of the ill-fated Federal loans to Solyndra, but now it's back in business-- with $16 billion to share. Here's a look at what's coming. 

Hurricane Sandy, Solar Power, and an "Aw Shucks" Moment

Rob and Garrett's 6.5-kilowatt portable solar array--built for a zero emission trip across the U.S.--was in the right place at the right time to turn on the lights and help the relief effort in hard-hit Far Rockaway, Queens.

Making the Case for Propane: From Gas Grills to Cars and Trucks

Propane, the same stuff in our gas grills, also powers our cars? Southern cops are saying yes. Propane is an interesting fuel--liquid at near-room temperature, with relatively cheap refueling. The alternative--CNG and LNG--also have a case to make.

All About Algae: Danforth's Quest to Turn Pond Scum Into Gasoline

The Danforth Plant Science Center in Missouri is a cutting-edge lab for developing tomorrow's biofuels.

It's a Gas: The Powerful Argument for CNG and LNG 18-Wheelers

Big rig truckers are saving a lot of money by switching from diesel to natural gas, but we need a national network of filling stations before this cheaper, cleaner fuel takes over.

Our Fuel-Cell Future

Hydrogen cars are coming by 2015, but in the meantime we already have big zero-emission cells powering businesses—like the Connecticut-based pasta factory I visited last week.

2011 in the Rear-View Mirror: Eight Trends to Watch

It was the most important year for electric cars since, what, 1910? The market is still in its infancy, but here’s a look at early directions it’s taking. The battery EVs and plug-in hybrids are hitting the road, and so are the charging stations—including fast charging. And don’t forget about hydrogen!


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