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Don't Gamble on Ball Joints

A mechanic at John's local quick oil change place told him his ball joints were worn. John hasn't noticed any changes in the handling or tire wear, and he doesn't trust this guy. What should he do? Tom and Ray say even if this mechanic is running a scam, John would be wise to heed the warning and get a second opinion. Find out why, right here. 

There's More Than One Way to Rotate a Tire

Eddie's tires are wearing out unevenly and he wants to know why. Trouble is, the two different tire shops he asked gave him two different answers. Can Tom and Ray set the record straight?

Today: Turn Right to Go Straight

David just got his car back from the shop after a front end alignment and now his steering wheel points right when the car is going straight. Tom and Ray think the mechanic should do the job again. Find out what else they suggest for David right here.

Today: The Air Force Bent Bryony's BMW

Bryony was driving to her job on an Air Force base when the troops manning the gate accidentaly raised the security barrier and damaged her car. She's worried that this bent the frame. Tom and Ray answer her question and have some bonus advice for Bryony about how to make her future dealings with Air Force security go more smoothly.

Is Beverly's neighbor being a "passive-aggressive nebbish?"

My neighbor, who does not impress me as having an IQ above that of a Neanderthal, told me the other day that while he didn't want to be minding my business for me, I am "ruining my car parking it...

Today: Tom and Ray settle the great condo speed-bump controversy.

Hello! I live in a condominium complex, and there is a great debate we need your help with! We have a question about speed bumps and possible injury to someone's front-end alignment. Our speed bumps are removable, and they are...

Buying from your ex is a bad idea.

I recently purchased a used ' Toyota Camry from my ex-husband After having the wheels aligned I noticed that the steering wheel was not straight--that is the steering wheel is turned a few inches to the right when the wheels...

Hi, Hai, you need new shocks.

I own a Nissan Maxima that has miles and four original shock absorbers Recently I took the car to a tire shop to replace the two front tires which were badly and unevenly worn The mechanic strongly suggested that I...

What causes wear on the idler arms?

I keep noticing that my tires are wearing on the outside edge of the tread I felt it was a matter of keeping the front end in alignment However at the Sears Auto Center I am being told that the...

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