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Dealer vs. Independent Mechanic: AC Trouble

Steve's Honda Civic needs some work done to his AC. The Honda dealer said the compressor is shot, but Steve's local mechanic thought it might just be some faulty sensors. Find out who Tom and Ray think is right, plus how Steve can find out, right here. 

Today: Rita's mechanic is full of hot air when it comes to the AC.

I was told today at an auto-body-repair shop that the temperature dial on my car the one that is half-blue and half-red is NOT a thermostat for the air conditioner and that I should NEVER touch it when the air...

Today: Will Thomas's cheapskate boss see reason?

I do not have an air conditioner So what you say There are many cars on the streets without any air conditioning most of them old rusted-out beaters But I have a Chevrolet Cobalt base model XFE My boss bought...

Air conditioning: An essential part of hair care?

My wife and I live in the northwest corner of Georgia and she insists on running her car's air conditioner at all times -- winter summer spring fall day night doesn't matter While I don't mind using it when it's...

Emily's air conditioning is broken. Should she accept defeat?

I drive a two-door Honda Accord miles or so with a lot of personality One of her quirks is that she doesn't have a functioning air conditioner I personally don't mind but I have a dog and I need to...

Today: Bobby's PT Cruiser is making its own weather.

I own a Chrysler PT Cruiser which I purchased new Since I live in Hawaii air conditioning is a necessity My PT has never given us any problems and has had all scheduled maintenance Last week while driving in a...

Is Katie's husband right to keep the AC off when stuck in traffic?

My husband and I recently purchased a new car. My husband refuses to run the air conditioning in heavy stop-and-go traffic or if we are sitting in the parked car. When I ask him what the reason is, he says...

Will dumping cold water on your car cut down on the need for AC?

There is a teacher in our community who regularly can be found pouring buckets of cool water over his vehicle before starting it on warm days. His claim is that the water cuts down on the time needed for the...

Can running the air conditioner actually reduce your braking power?

I have a lady friend I e-mail with on a regular basis. She lives in the Midwest and swears that running the air conditioner in her car "softens" her brakes. During this past summer's dreadful heat wave, she had to...

How does AC really work? Today: Tom and Ray resolve a marital dispute.

Please settle an argument between me and my wife. We have a 2005 Toyota Highlander with an "automatic air conditioner." You set the temperature and it maintains it. My wife contends that the AC works like a house AC, so that...

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