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Is Favorite Safe Car Post-Collision?

Phil's Honda Fit was sandwiched between a big Jeep and an even bigger mini-van during a recent rear-end collision. The insurance repaired the car but Phil wonders if they should be worried.
Find out how Tom and Ray would check for structural damage, right here.

What To Do When Your Truck Falls Off the Lift

Sven's truck fell off the lift at the dealership. What kind of damage should he look for?

Bracing for Impact: Is It Better to Brake?

From the department of hypothetical driving, Dwayne wonders what to do when you suspet you're about to be involved in a rear-end collision.

Today: How do locked doors help during a crash?

I observed in a recent VW commercial that the car has a feature that automatically unlocks the doors at the time of a collision I was always taught that locked doors make the car structurally stronger Why would a manufacturer...

What would cause Sarah's Nissan Altima to lock-up after a near-crash?

A scary thing happened to me yesterday on the highway. I was driving a 1999 Nissan Altima that I bought last year. It has about 90,000 miles. Yesterday I was in the far-left lane on the highway, coasting along at about 60 mph...

How can Deborah overcome her fear of other drivers after a traumatic accident?

About a year and a half ago someone in a Chevy S- pickup truck slammed into the back of my Toyota Camry at 70 mph. I was at a complete stop on the highway behind a long line of vehicles...

A retired paramedic weighs in on the best way to free yourself from a submerged vehicle.

I was shocked and disgusted by Tom after reading your Car Talk column in today's newspaper He suggested that to avoid being trapped underwater in a car people buy a new Scubaru I do not blame Ray for formally disowning...

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