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First Fender Benders: Tales From the Car Talk Community

Everybody has a first accident, and with luck we emerge sadder but wiser. Here are some first-person accounts from the Car Talk Community.
what car is safest to prevent injuries in a rear-end accident

Help! My Tank Keeps Getting Rear-Ended!


Paige has been rear-ended twice in an older pickup truck and it's getting old---not just the truck, but the accidents. What can newer vehicles offer that are better than the faithful old tank she's driving now?

can you make a fifty year old car as safe as one released this year

Is this "Millennial" Falcon a Safe Bet?


Can an older car be upgraded to more modern safety standards? Ken's friend has his sights set on an older Ford Falcon. Is it family car material?

is it safe to drive my honda fit after being rear ended

Is Favorite Safe Car Post-Collision?


Phil's Honda Fit was sandwiched between a big Jeep and an even bigger mini-van during a recent rear-end collision. The insurance repaired the car but Phil wonders if they should be worried.
Find out how Tom and Ray would check for structural damage, right here.

What damage to look for after truck falls from lift

What To Do When Your Truck Falls Off the Lift


Sven's truck fell off the lift at the dealership. What kind of damage should he look for?

Should I brake when rear-ended

Bracing for Impact: Is It Better to Brake?


From the department of hypothetical driving, Dwayne wonders what to do when you suspet you're about to be involved in a rear-end collision.

Are locked car doos safer

Today: How do locked doors help during a crash?


I observed in a recent VW commercial that the car has a feature that automatically unlocks the doors at the time of a collision I was always taught that locked doors make the car structurally stronger Why would a manufacturer...

Car fails after slamming on brakes

What would cause Sarah's Nissan Altima to lock-up after a near-crash?


A scary thing happened to me yesterday on the highway. I was driving a 1999 Nissan Altima that I bought last year. It has about 90,000 miles. Yesterday I was in the far-left lane on the highway, coasting along at about 60 mph...

Should Rachel pass on that new Mazda 3, after the dealership snafu?

Last week I bought a used 2007 Mazda 3 with 43,000 miles for 10,800 dollars at a dealership. I went through the financing process, signed the final purchase papers and called my insurance company to transfer my plates. As I hung up the phone...
Can major car damage have no symptoms

After an accident, how do you know if your car's front-end is safe?


I live in India, and have a question about my father's car (he lives in Dubai). He bought a new Peugeot 307 in May. It's a lovely car, but about a month ago we had an accident. A car came up...


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