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Dog camping in a camper van

A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?


Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

Compensation for European VW owners

VW Cops a Plea


The end to an ordeal endured by close to half a million American purchasers of Volkswagen turbo-diesel engines may draw to something like a close in federal court tomorrow, but it may not feel like it to all owners.

buying a diesel vehicle

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Diesel?


Values of used diesles have tanked lately - does that mean now is a good time to buy? 

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

E-Golf Extended Test: Can It Hack a New York Winter?


Volkswagen -- the company -- has 99 problems, conservatively speaking. But VW’s electric car, that is to say the silk blue metallic e-Golf SEL premium we’ve been testing for the past eight months and 11,080 miles, isn’t one of them.  

VW Microbus

Five Things We Wish VW Got Right with the BUDD-e "Microbus" Concept


Volkswagen announced the BUDD-e concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It's supposed to be the modern Microbus, but that's really not what it is.

One More Time, the Return of VW's Microbus

An electric Microbus-like concept vehicle will be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas next month, and some think it could turn into a full-fledged production vehicle, in multiple versions. But it may not be a minivan, and it might not happen at all.  
Jetta plays radio with no key

What's Come Over Lisa's Volkswagen Jetta?


Lisa's Volkswagen Jetta will play the radio and CD player without the key in the ignition. It never did this before. Can Car Talk explain what gives?

Volkswagen dieselgate

It's a Small World After All!


The world’s carmakers, it turns out, have the long-range vision and ethical integrity of a roving band of rabid raccoons and the bad news keeps on rolling. Like American carmakers, and Japanese ones, Volkswagen has important friends in high places.

Vintage Volkswagen book

Found at a Thrift Shop: The Origins of Car Talk


This past weekend, my wife Lisa hit a couple of thrift shops in suburban Boston and came home with a bunch of stuff, including this book called "Think Small, What's So Funny About a Volkswagen," and in its pages, I think I found the origins of Car Talk.

Volkswagen diesel scandal

Diesel Dilemma: What Should VW Owners Do Now?


Got a diesel Volkswagen? Wondering what you should do next? Find out here.


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