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Dealership or Indy Mechanic for the New-ish Car?

Should you stick with your dealership or look for an independent mechanic? Pablo wants to know his options for his Avalon.

Diesel vs. Hybrid: Which Is Cleaner?

Barbara has a 2006 VW Jetta diesel that she's considering replacing. Is a Prius a good choice for her? Car Talk's advice here.

Which Catalytic Converter is Broken on Ben's Tacoma?

Ben is a broke college student and he's just learned that the catalytic converter on his Toyota Tacoma is bad. His dealer and a second mechanic agree that he can ignore it until he starts experiencing performance issues. The Car Talk Department of Automotive Ethics weighs in! 

West Coast Fever: Cutting Petroleum Use by 50 Percent With the Prius (and Cars Like It)

The 2016 Prius ups the ante to 52 mpg combined (56 with the Eco model), and its one big reason why the three west coast states are on target to cut oil addiction 50 percent by 2030.

Today: New Prius Headrest is a Pain in the Neck

Jeannette loves her new Prius C except for one thing: the headrest. It's screwing with her posture and can't be adjusted. Can Car Talk help?

Should Ken Get the Hybrid?

Ken loves his old Highlander Hybrid, and is ready to replace it with another but he's not sure the cost justifies the gas savings right now. Car Talk's advice right here.

Today: Fix for a Leaky Sunroof?

Sharon replaced the leaky sunroof in her Toyota RAV4 two years ago. Now she's hearing water in the roof again. Can she dry out the roof? Or does Car Talk have a better idea? Find out.

Routine Maintenance: What Can You Skip?

Lilian's car is due for routine maintenance, but she's on a fixed income. What's critical to her car and what can she skip? Car Talk's answer, right here.

Toyota's Big Bet on the Fuel-Cell Mirai

The zero-emission car can travel 300 miles on a five-minute fill-up, so the big challenge isn't the cars but the expensive refueling stations. But how does three years of free fuel sound?

Forget that SUV: Five Great Alternatives

Wish the high-center-of-gravity, low MPG SUV would just… go away? It’s not going to. But, here are some much better options, in our opinion.


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