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Tesla and SolarCity: For Elon Musk, it's Personal (and a Family Affair)

Elon Musk wants Tesla Motors to merge with his cousin's photovoltaic company. It's a decision made from the heart, not the head, but it may be a good idea anyway. 

I've Seen the Future and It's Spelled T-E-S-L-A

I got two hours of seat time in the Model S P90D, with Ludicrous Mode, Autopilot and the whole kit and kaboodle.

Bob Lutz Slams Tesla, But Is He Just Jealous?

GM's former iconoclast (no, not John DeLorean) predicts doom for Tesla Motors, but maybe that's just because he never got the reins of an automaker.

Liftoff! Tesla Debuts its $132,000 Model X (With Bio-Hazard Protection)

It was a typical Tesla launch--an hour late, but plenty of spectacular features, from a big windshield and a phone holster to those amazing doors. It's only later that you scratch your head over the price and the long delay getting to market.

Tesla Cleared in Federal Safety Inquiry

The Tesla steamroller is back on track. A four-month investigation into battery fires ends with a "no defect trend" verdict from NHTSA.

Tesla's Gigafactory: Meeting Today's Big Battery Demand

Elon Musk is betting big (up to $5 billion) on a gigantic battery plant. It definitely makes sense in the short term, but will lithium-ion eventually be replaced with hugely efficient solid-state technology? Whatever Tesla builds should be ready for a retrofit.

Fast Forward: First Pedal to the Metal in Tesla's Model S

The Tesla Model S is billed as an electric rocket ship with 300-mile range that doubles as a practical sedan. How's it stack up against those claims? Jim Motavalli takes it for a spin and reports back.

The Tesla Model S: Preparing to Launch

Tesla Motors is just three weeks away from launching its all-new sedan, with twice the room and half the price of the celebrated Roadster. No test drive yet, but here's the sum of what we know.

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