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If You Want to Go Off-Road, Get a True SUV


Evan asks if a newer crossover will handle backcountry exploration like the more rugged trucks of yore.

The advantages of a roof rack

Just Put a Roof Rack on It


When it comes to car buying, Americans tend to buy for the most extreme scenarios and forget about everyday driving. Maybe we should stop. 

Cheap Gas + Collective Amnesia = Big SUVs

We forget that fuel prices are cyclical, and when they go up again we'll regret all those new gas guzzlers now in driveways everywhere.
World's most expensive SUV

The Dartz Prombron: The SUV for People with More Money Than Sense


The Dartz Prombron is not only the world's most expensive SUV, it's the fastest way to show the world you're an idiot.

A Green Choice for Suburbia: Volvo's Seven-Seat, 59 MPGe Plug-in Hybrid

The XC90 is the world's first seven-seat PHEV, and unless the price turns out to be crazy it should be a big hit as an environmentally friendly family hauler
Is the era of the huge SUV over

BMW X1 and the Return of the Clown Car


Is America finally getting over its infatuation with the SUV, and returning to cars that actually carry lots of stuff?

 Bentley EXP 9F

Vulgarians at the Gate: The Revenge of the Super Utes


Luxury SUVs: They're vulgar, they're pricey and they're selling like hotcakes.

auto industry strategy

The Long-Term Fallout from Short-Term Thinking


There’s a reason continual growth is so elusive -- it’s an evolutionary non-starter. Everything must come to an end. So why do car companies continue to chase the impossible dream of eternal earnings ecstasy?

Driving a sedan in snow

Which is better for the frozen north: an SUV or a lower-riding car?


I am a doctor living in an area that typically can get 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground at some point in the winter. Snow plows are not always out on the roads when I drive. For this reason...

Can driving an SUV make you more aggressive?

I listen to your show a lot, and I completely agree that SUV drivers are a menace. I know, because I just bought one. I had a Saturn sedan and I was very careful and considerate. After I bought my...


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