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Today: Arch's Camper Compromise

Arch and his wife are getting ready to retire and they want to see the sights. They're hoping to find a compromise vehicle that makes up for the having fewer comforts and features than a full-sized RV with better gas mileage and drivability. Can Tom and Ray recommend the right ride? 

Randy's Retirement Dream is . . . a Minivan?

Randy always wanted to get a camper for when he retires but now that the gas prices are high, he's thinking about sizing-down his vision to a small SUV. Find out why Tom and Ray say a mini-van is the ulitmate compromise vehicle, right here.

Where Are the Campers?

Thinking of converting a van into a camper? A suggestion! If you're a middle-aged male, alone, driving a plain white cargo van with a makeshift bed in the back, don't sit in it parked near a school. Just don't.

What kind of camper van do you recommend for a Great American Roadtrip?

In a few years I'm planning to take to the road in true hippie fashion and go in search of America I want to purchase a small used camper-van for my wanderings The obvious choice would seem to be a...

Can I tow a Yugo behind our RV?

I have a question concerning my Yugo I want to tow it behind my motor home It has front-wheel drive and a standard shift My nephew built a real nice tow bar and attached the Yugo A friend saw it...

I have four wheels on my rear axle -- is that just as good as 4-wheel drive?

Please settle an argument in which I am embroiled My Dodge-chassis motorhome has dual rear wheels side by side I maintain that I thus have a four wheel drive vehicle in effect with as much traction as any garden-variety WD...

A vehicle for cross-country travelers

Your article on the travel trailer was almost a year too late for us but I enjoyed the warning to others We had purchased a foot trailer last February which my husband felt could be towed by our large Chevrolet...

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