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auto show booth babes

Auto Show Report: What's the Deal With Booth Babes?


It’s 2016 and we can clone people, create driverless cars and watch "Sex In The City" on our watches, so why must we still see scantily clad women standing next to cars?

kids at car shows

Kids + Car Shows: Real Fun? Or Does Mom Make Them Come?


This year's New York Auto Show was packed with car-crazed kids. Our blogger finds out what they came to see.

Hot Cars (and Lotsa SUVs) Roll Out at the New York Auto Show

Gas is cheap... so SUVs are hot. Even Maserati has one at the New York International Auto Show. But Hyundai's ultra-green Ioniq lineup is on display, as is the new Prius Prime-- a plug-in hybrid with 22 miles of electric range.

Audi President Scott Keogh on "Piloted Driving"

Audi is moving fast with self-driving cars on the racetrack and the road, and it's introducing that tech on the cars coming next year. But sitting in the back with your cellphone? That's going to take a while.
CAFE fuel economy chart by model year

VIDEO: At the New York Auto Show, Cars Are Getting HUGE


The New York International Auto Show is happening this week, and editor Craig Fitzgerald got a chance to peruse all the new models at the press preview last week. Cars might be getting more fuel efficient, but they're also getting ENORMOUS.

New York Auto Show: Boy-Genius Designs 48-MPG Chevy Malibu, and More

Credit the new Malibu to one Jaymer Starbody, who's barely started shaving. Other notable vehicles at the New York International Auto Show? A redesigned Smart car, a Mercedes plug-in, and a Honda Civic unlike any other.

New York Auto Show 2014: Green Under the Glitz

At the 2014 New York Auto Show, high-performance and mainstream cars caught the spotlight, but there was plenty of environmentally friendly stuff going off to the side.

Glitter, Glitz…and Fuel Economy

The 2012 New York International Auto Show proved that downsizing can be sexy. Even the Viper is watching its weight these days.

New York Auto Show 2011: The Extravaganza Grows

The New York International Auto Show is upon us, and it's now an almost-week-long extravaganza. Here's a preview.

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